Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Support

I am always in need of support in regards to my weight loss and this blog was created because Mer and I needed each others support on our journey. Now, my best friend Mer is a huge support in many more ways than just a new lifestyle change and I am there for, so I am grateful for what I have learned on this journey with Mer.

However, there are times I need support a little bit closer to home. I have even thought about getting online and going to those "dating online" sights just to look for a weight loss support system. (yes, I really have thought seriously about finding an online support closer to home - heck, I might find a new love - LOL)
In my "point of no return" moment last Friday I wanted to reach out to my sister and get her support.

She was on board all the way.

We went swimming on Sunday - okay, it wasn't much of an exercise moment, but it is a start. She made a great dinner for me that night as I struggled to finish up my weekend "to do" list and when she made me get off the computer to actually eat my meal I was grateful. Monday night was a walk at a local park - a good 45 minutes and we even got the chance to see a deer and her buck "friend" - it was so peaceful.

I am then sending my sister a Helpful Hint of the day item. Yesterday was water - water - water - drink your water. Today it was a reminder to meditate each day - or at least take 10 minutes (or 20) and spend it in silence, just you - no checking your phone, no reading the latest magazine - just time to yourself.

I am going to start passing that support over to Mer, because it is a good way to stay connected all the time.

I love support from many, and family support is always a helpful stepping stone.

Where do you get your support??


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Michele said...

From my family, especially my hubby. It is especially wonderfully that they do not bat an eye when I bring my own food over for some family gathering. They get it. Plus, they notice when I am looking slimmer which is terrific!

Glad you are back and recommitted!