Saturday, August 3, 2013

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

My post the other day was just me ranting and venting over something so silly. I had the reminder of it being a bit silly from Alan when he commented that I should "not let the little things get to me". You know what - he is right!!! I got so worked up about those pom poms, and it was a little thing. But, then I was thinking, I have been out of work for over 11 months and I think it just took a blow at my enthusiasm. However, I did take it too personal.

As I headed into the Bay Area to visit Mer, her schedule didn't sync with my arrival, so a detour to the book store was going to occupy my wait. I ended up in a book store and the first thing I saw on the bargain shelf was the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, because its all small stuff". It actually was a workbook that you can use. I found a chair and started to do the workbook - making notes in my handy dandy purse notebook. I was interested. I thought more about those pom poms and thought - why did I sweat that small thing? I need to change my attitude.

I am going to work in my new workbook - read and put those items into place. Because, sweating is something I need to be doing when I am working out, not because someone took down pom poms.

Thanks Alan for the reality check!!!!

Oh - and so excited to say that I have finally learned how to put songs onto my MP3 player that I have had for over 1.5 years - guess it has been in the drawer too long - or for the fact that I am finally finding time to take care of me!!!! Adding songs to the player and excited to use it in my weight loss journey (oh, and at work)

And looking forward to some BFF time with Mer, too!!!!


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