Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Really - Seriously??!!

About a week ago I had the perfect (and finally) opportunity to meet up with some girlfriends for a girls night out event. I have not gotten to go dancing with friends in months - being busy volunteering has consumed me and well, having weight issues can hold me back at times.

Feeling uncomfortable with my size, my outfit and well, being around people skinnier than me has always been difficult for me, but at times I have to brave the courage to just get out. So - I did.

As I went to pick up one of my friends, she was looking really good. I got in the car and just wanted to go change my clothes, but then really wanted to go home. But, I kept driving - it was going to be okay - I was going to have fun.

We met up with two other ladies and we were waiting for the DJ to start the music. I got over my "not feeling good looking" moment and I was ready to see how the night progressed.

However, as we were ordering drinks another person joined us. I had met this lady once before, but about 1.5 years ago and had not met up with her again until this evening. I am not good at remembering faces, as much as names, but this lady did not seem familiar to me. She then said that I had met her once before? I was like - what? Within minutes I come to find out that this lady just had Gastric Bypass surgery last September and had lost over 100 pounds in little less than 11 months.

Now, don't get me wrong, those that get this surgery do it for a choice - one that I would not pick. I come to find out that this lady picked this surgery because - and I quote - I don't want to have to put in that much work???? What - really - seriously??? Gastric Bypass surgery is work - no matter how you put a spin on it. You have to make a lifestyle change - it is not just about changing the size of your stomach, looking good, losing tons of weight fast, being skinny - it is making a huge lifestyle change. As the evening progressed I realized that this lady really didn't want to make a lifestyle change, she was looking for a quick fix.

And the night progressed quickly down hill - because less than 5 minutes from hearing that she had lost all that weight she turns to me and says "You should get gastric bypass surgery"?

What - Really - Seriously?? Did you just say what I think you said? She didn't just say it once, but several times over the next say 60 minutes. Talk about uncomfortable?? She did apologize, but what - really - seriously????

I can honestly say I will never be getting that surgery. No one should ever be told that they need that type of surgery. How awful of someone to turn to another person and make that type of statement. I could have gone off on her, and at one moment I did think of jumping across the table and telling her to keep her mouth shut  - but I was gracious and just kept my own mouth shut.

I can joke about it now, and did laugh it off that night - I will not let this woman control the way I feel - and to be honest, as much as it was uncomfortable I kept my wits about me. I didn't want to cry, I didn't feel fat, I didn't want to leave. As uncomfortable as I felt looking at many other good looking people, or how I felt upon picking up my girlfriend earlier that night, this "gastric" moment didn't phase me. I realized that I am a person that is fully and completely committed to making a lifestyle change!!

Really - seriously - this is all about my lifestyle!!!! I am going to make it happen!!! A new me is on its way!!


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