Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting things accomplished!!

I love going to my son's Boy Scout meetings - especially when I can bring my lap top. Most of the time he is dealing with activities and I am sitting around waiting for the meeting to end. On the nights that I bring my lap top I can get tons done. Tonight for example - I returned several emails, made some phone calls, sent out over 70 emails to my Scout parents as a final follow up for my Day Camp duties. I then downloaded over 85 pictures to have developed at a local photo store to pick up tomorrow. The best part of having my computer at his meetings is the the connection is much faster than at home.

Okay - had to stop this post and pick it up again tonight on Tuesday. I am alone tonight, so I am doing my best to get more stuff done.

The one thing I really wanted to say is the fact that I can get so much done when I put my mind to it. But, then when my mind starts playing tricks on me I don't want to get out of bed and exercise, I don't want to do my 20 minutes, I come up with many excuses to avoid exercising - what is wrong???? I want to be thin, I want to lose weight???

Struggling with getting the exercise accomplished!!!!


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