Monday, December 31, 2012

Quote of Week 1-

Not that last year was a failure, but there were many disappointments that distracted me from my long term goals. We all have set-backs. It is about how fast you bounce back from those set backs that make a difference. I had a lot of personal work to do between my ears.

For those of you going through what my therapist called a "perfect storm" that created depression in my world, don't wait to get help that was my biggest mistake. But from my mistake, I have emerged a stronger person who has learned much about who I really am.

Here is how I am going to begin again more intelligently-
  • I live mindfully in the present.
  • I choose to live proactively rather than re-actively.
  • I am will forever live with an attitude of gratitude.
Happy New Year!
May 2013 be the best year ever!

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