Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Walk those pounds away!!!

I went for a walk - a really long walk - for the first time in several weeks. I had been going with the ladies in the neighborhood, but when school started we sort of stopped. One of the other ladies was dealing with family issues and well, we just seemed to let it drop off.

This morning was a good walk. Even with two kids in tow (they had the day off) we did really well. As the kids rode bikes, my friend and I kept walking. We walked past the middle school, into the gated community, down the road and pass the barking dog that just goes crazy no matter who passes, up to the railroad tracks,  then back down the road again. Before we knew it we were heading down the next lane that made the walk even longer then anticipated. I was not going to let my aching slow me down. I knew I was going to hurt at the end of the walk. I think we did a good 3.5 walk this morning.

Yep - feeling the pain a little bit. Even if I am working out, this pain is a good pain. Not only did I get in a good walk, but I got to vent about my week - and it is only 1/2 over.

Two rejections this week - more applications going out - trying my best to be a good Mom, but this week is very trying.

Really looking forward to a girls weekend away. Get to see Mer, spend sometime with my little sis ---- let's see what the rest of the week holds.

For sure going to add walking back into my routine. Walking again tomorrow!!!!


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