Monday, September 17, 2012

The Highs and the Lows

Last week was full of many Highs and a few Lows. Overall it was a good week. More Highs then Lows...for sure!! Always good to reflect at what made your week go well or bad. 

High - Getting a Cold Call for my online resume posting and having an interview. I feel like it went well, but do believe that I won't be getting the job. Overqualified, as I think she really was looking for an entry level person that would grow with the company, as the company grows. I am not losing hope, as I have not received a rejection email, phone call or letter yet. 

High - My unemployment benefits were extended. 

Low - I had to get the Summer Social ready for the PTA event at school. The weather was a bit warm, so I knew I was going to be sweating. Unloading cars, going into the storage unit that was very warm. I was dripping wet. It made me realize that I am not working as hard as I could be on the exercising factor. If I was working harder at home, then the "workout" at the school would not have brought so much attention to me. People were stopping me in the hallway asking if I was okay. Then seeing me at the food table brought some attention to me. I was embarrassed and was getting very self conscious. 

High - Getting my eating under control more. I feel good. Have had very limited munching. Eating more vegetables and have incorporated some soups into my meal plan. Can't wait to do my grocery shopping today and grab some more fruits and vegies to my week. 

High - Having a blind date on Friday night. It was truly a blind date, only knowing very little about the gentleman. I was not nervous until the very last minute. I had my outfit picked out in the middle of the week and was happy to say that I did not change it when I finally put it on that evening. I was feeling confident, even with a small little blemish on my face (wouldn't you know it - that was a bit of a Low). Was thrilled to have an evening out with gentleman. I go out often with the girls and do see men, but there is never a "date". This was going to be a good night. Even if I end up just meeting a new friend. Was happy that my girlfriend thought of me in making this set-up happen. Double date with my girlfriend, too. 

Low - The blind date ended up being an evening out with 4 other people. The guys brought a girlfriend of theirs. I am not sure if this was to help them feel more comfortable or what. The other gentleman was just friends with my girlfriend and maybe he didn't want my friend to feel like this was an actual date between the two of them, but I was a bit confused why they brought the third wheel. This lady proceeded to get very drunk and said some insulting words to me and my friend at the end of the evening. Overall I had a good night, there was no spark and he did not ask for my number. A good evening to meet friends, but for sure won't do it again (with that group).

This is going to be a good week. Looking forward to what this week has in store for me.

What were some of your Highs and Lows? Look at the positive!!! 


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