Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exercise, Water and Feeling Good

This morning was rough. I went to bed Waaaaaaayyyyyyyy too late last night (or too early this morning) and well, getting out of bed was a huge chore. I am not sure why I didn't just head to bed. Maybe wanted a veg out moment. The good part was that I did not munch.

The morning was rough, but was thrilled that my 11 year old son got himself up, got dressed, made his own breakfast (okay, it was just cereal, but still) and he got himself ready for school. That helped. I was scheduled to do a walk with the neighbor ladies and had a moment that I thought - nope - not going to do it. But, instead, I put on my exercise clothes, came home, watered the one plant I have in the house before it completely dies (had to mention it, because I have had it for three/four years and really need to remind myself to put it into a new planter - it will love me for that) and then headed out to meet the ladies.

The weather is turning here - more crisp and cool - which I really enjoy. Not too hot, not too cold, just right. I met up with my across the street neighbor - K - and we were to meet with B and D. No B today, as she has come down with the flu. I have only walked with D a few times and with K I have to sort of keep up. Well, we then met up with a third lady and for some reason I knew I was going to be in for a workout. When I walk with K I sometimes have to swing my arms to get myself to move a bit faster to keep up. These two new ladies - the rhythm was fast and I mean fast. A few times I felt like I needed to jog. I was sweating, and a good sweat.

My legs were hurting, my foot started to have pain, with a new shoe I think I might be forming a blister - maybe I have not broken in the shoe good enough yet. This was good, for sure. We walked down the one street to the Rail Road Tracks, then turned down the side street to go past the fancy houses, getting the barking dogs all loud and such. Then back down to head to home. I was slowing down, but had to keep moving those arms to stay up to pace. I was still sweating. Kicked myself for not putting my long hair into a pony tail (which by the, my hair is finally growing at a bit faster pace - I think by Springtime I will be able to cut it and donate it to Locks of Love - a long time goal I had set for myself some three years ago - since I had to grow out the bleached blond, get it the right cut and now finally, it is growing a bit faster) - but I am getting off track - just saying - should have pulled it back into a pony tail.

Legs pumping, arms swinging, even trying my best to keep talking from time to time, but I could hear myself huffing and puffing. Just as we were going to head home and I thought I was in the homestretch - K asked if I wanted to do the Loop in the gated neighborhood. What the heck, why not? I don't have to really be anywhere today (yes, still job hunting). We said our good-byes to the other two ladies and ventured past the gate and down the road some more. I was feeling really good. Was so glad that my lack of sleep did not slow me down. Made it home. Replenishing myself with water, water, and more water. Our short 2 mile walk turned into close to 4 miles. Woo Hoo!!

It is wonderful to have walking buddies, but even more wonderful to keep reminding myself that exercising each day is the key. Without exercise where am I going with this weight loss? And not just casual, workout for some 20 minutes and say I worked out exercise. Each days workout needs to be sweating moments. At times huffing and puffing. Finish with a bang and then have a bit aches and pains the next day. Soon your body will be thanking you. And without exercising how am I going to maintain my positive attitude in this job hunting market I am in - or for that matter - my everyday living. Then to add water to the mix - oh, my body is loving me right now.

What good thing have you done this week that has inspired you??


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