Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Steps 8 and 9

Now that you have mastered steps 1 to 7, time to move onto Steps 8 and 9....Come on, its not that hard, you have done well with all the other "up the ladder" moments. You have had some amazing moments, some set backs, but you are not letting those get you down. Time to keep climbing up the ladder of success.

Step 1 - Exercise
Step 2 - Drink your Water
Step 3 - No Fast Food
Step 4 - Do something for you
Step 5 - 100 Things a day
Step 6 - No eating after dinner
Step 7 - Get a full nights sleep (6 - 8)

Step 8 - No Sodas. This can be hard if you are so used to having that can of soda a day. Or even one a week. If you need a Soda, switch over to Diet or Zero zones. What about having a fizzy water. Add lemon to your water or pick a 100 calorie drink as a "treat" for your success of the week. (Be careful, don't go overboard and have 3 of those 100 calorie drinks - it is just as bad as having a soda).
You can do it - take that step.

Step 9 - No Alcohol. Even if you are just a once a month drinker, it is time to shelf this aspect of your life. Once a month can add up to twice a month or three times a month, then you never know you might be giving yourself a way to calm down by having more than one or two in a week. It is just best to cut this out altogether. I am a once a month drinker, but even that once a month I know that I am not being true to myself by adding onto myself the empty calories.

Still climbing and climbing - are you with me?


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