Monday, September 24, 2012

I want to be further!!!!!

My 45th birthday is coming up. Just a little bit around the corner and the closer it gets the more frustrated that I get with myself. I want to be further in my weight loss journey. I want to be in a smaller size by my birthday. I want to be healthier. I want to not be the size I am now. I want, I want, I want - that is the fact - the fact that I want!!! If I want to get the brace ring, I have to be the one that reaches for it. I have to be the one that does the work. I have to be the one that can show my body who is boss!!! BUT, what is holding me back? The fact that I have to exercise? The fact that I should be counting my calories? What are the facts? Why can't I stick to the facts? The fact of the matter is that I MUST be working out everyday. I MUST be watching my calorie intake. I MUST be drinking ALL of my water every single day. I need to be doing all of this for me so that I can be further in this journey. I have to be the one that gets it done everyday, every single minute of the day...yes, it is going to be hard, a struggle and require determination, but if I am tired of being the size that I am, then I need to be the one that gets it done!!!

This is me at the moment - frustrated - annoyed - pissed - angry - going to channel all that energy into making it all go away and soon I will be thrilled - happy - smiling - overjoyed!!!!

I will be further - going to get it done!!!


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