Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oh, the Anticipation

Not only do I have a job interview today, but I am doing really well with my eating, drinking, exercising and doing my best to keep losing the weight. Soooo - the anticipation is building with me today. I got on the scale about 10 times this morning, just hoping that the number would move, even just a little. The good part, it didn't go up each time. I even got out of the shower and tried weighing myself with wet hair - no movement. I then tried it with dry hair. The had to go to the restroom and tried it again - no movement. The anticipation is killing me. I wanted to go down one more number, just for today. Not going to blow it this week, want to keep watching that scale go down, down, down, down. I had a good weekend out with friends, but that made the numbers go up. I knew it, but I didn't let the weekend of fun get out of hand. In less then 2 days my numbers are in line again. Now all I have to do is be consistent. Weekends of fun can't be that - eat in moderation and the numbers won't have to battle back each and every week. The other anticipation, I really want to get to the next hole on my watch. I can feel it. Sometimes I can see it. There are times I do get to the next hole, but then after about a minute or two I really have to loosen the watch and say to myself - "maybe tomorrow".

Last week it was a mind over matter issue with me. I am now loving the fact that I am putting exercise into my daily routine again. I sat at my desk yesterday balancing on my balance ball rather then sitting in my chair. Not only is my back getting stronger with doing my best to stay seated up straight, but I can give my legs a good workout at the same time. Reading things (blogs, for instance) give me the chance to rock back and forth on the ball - so now I feel like I am exercising and getting the chance to catch up on my reading.

Well - have to run - the anticipation of the interview is in sight. Been waiting over a week for this appointment, I am excited, ready and know that Magic is going to happen today!!!!

Wishing everyone a most wonderful week - keep up the good work with the weight loss - don't let the mind win over what matters most - making yourself healthy!!!!

MOtivated Mo


E. Jane said...

Hi Mer and Mo!

Glad to hear that things are going well for you, and good luck with the job interview! Have a great week!

Also, I have a private blog, and I added you. I'm just wondering if you can leave comments on my blog.

Maren said...

I am so happy things are going well! Best of luck for the job interview, big hugs too!