Friday, March 23, 2012


I never thought that I would ever be without work. I never thought that I would be a stay at home Mom that was waiting for my EDD paperwork or searching the want ads for the next best thing, or even something. I am, for the moment. I am keeping a positive attitude (most days) and today is turning out to be a good day. I get to spend the full day with my son, as he finishes up his Spring Break. We have a full schedule - grocery shopping, fixing the bathroom toilet, going with some other Scouts to a Rock Wall experience tonight (they get to climb the rock wall over and over again from about midnight to 6 am - I will be one tired Mom after), then we have another Hockey game (for FREE) to attend and for that I am thankful. Sunday will be a quiet day - sure we will be resting after a full schedule. Good thing he is still sleeping (10 hours and counting at this point) - so he can have energy for the next 24 hours and this gives Mom the time to search the want-ads.

In the midst of all my ups and downs, I have received tons of support. My neighbor calls for morning walks from time to time. I did mention that I am now volunteering for my sisters 2nd grade class and I have decided to go in about 3 days a week. Then there are the cards in the mail that I get. One card in particular came from a long time friend. I cried when I got it. I was amazed at how she found this. It was like it was calling her name when she arrived at the store. She even threw in a Subway Sandwich shop and Starbucks Coffee gift card in there too - (I have not used all of it up and it has been a nice to have that in my purse these past weeks). So, the card - well, the long and short of it - just have to share it with you...

(the scanning was kind of off - but this will have to do)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card. It is on my night stand and I see it every night before I go to bed. I then see it as I wake up. The inside is the best, so I now have the card open from the outside in. And from time to time I move the card to my "office" desk so I can see it as I am searching for a job on the internet.

I hope that when you are feeling down - in your everyday life and especially in your weight loss journey - that you are getting the support you need. Be it from your gym, your program meetings, the blogs or just seeing a smiling face when they see how far you have come in your journey - those NSV's are the best, too!!!!

Have a most wonderful weekend  - I know that I will, and will carry the support with me the whole way.

P.S - had another first round interview with another job - Keeping fingers crossed that I get to move onto the 2nd round - will know something next week. There was another job that I also qualified for - sent off that packet and the deadline is next week. Many things happening on the job front - doing my best to stay positive. Something will happen soon and then I will wonder why I didn't get more done during my down time. Have to run - today's "to do" list involves organizing paperwork - yuck!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

What a lovely card, and I just love the sentiments. Sometimes there are no words, you just want to let people know you're there. And you know, you WILL get through this! Hugs!

Just Me... said...

I love you ! You are always i my thoughts!

Michele said...

Really great friend and a real great card. Your positive attitude is inspiring to all of us. Take care and I hope you land something really soon.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

What goes around, comes around. That support you are feeling is the residue of all the support you have given others. Good luck with your job search. Something good will happen soon.