Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring, Sprung and Stretched

Since the 8 week challenge it has been so hard to get myself motivated these days. The sprung forward this past weekend has stretched my spring so much that there is no boing it just lies out there. I can't get myself out of bed this week to do my morning exercise! I will admit that I am having trouble finishing this post because I can't seem to focus or formulate anything that makes sense.  Here are some reasons of why I am feeling this way....

  • Maybe it is the last grading period that has wiped me out.
  •  Maybe it is the attitude of the teenager that is getting to me. 
  • Maybe it is the needy son who is demanding face time with me all the time. 
  • Maybe it is the stress out spouse who seems to be so busy that I can barely keep up with all that he is doing.  
  • Maybe it is the fact that I signed a reassignment notice yesterday and I knew that was going to happen, but it is still hard to see it in print. 
  • Maybe it is that last week of Physics class that has me just stressed out because of the looming final and exit project that I have been procrastinating doing. 
How do you dig yourself out of a 10 foot hole when you are given a tiny shovel? That is how I feel! I need to get out of this funk and sluggishness to find my groove again.



Munchberry said...

Once you are past your finals things will ease up. Make sure to get decent sleep.

Funny how things all pile on at once sometimes. Would it help to think about how strong you will be afterwards? LOL No? It never does. Maybe in a few months and the sweat and furrows have completely cleared from your brow. : )

Hang in there!

Kristen said...

I'm sorry you're feeling so bogged down. I know there's a serious lack of motivation here when I feel like this. It's hard but you just have to emind yourself how far you've come and why you started on this path in the first place and maybe the morning exercise motivation will return (at least enough that you can force it).

Maren said...

Well.. planning gets me going. Setting some reachable goals.. Maybe you could join our challenge, that might help? Hugs!

Mer and Mo said...

A 10 foot hole with a tiny shovel - well, I just start digging and look forward to getting to the end. Kind of like Dora in Finding Nemo - just keep digging, just keep digging - we will get out of that hole and be ready for the next challenge!!! We are strong - we can dig together - love ya!!!