Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring - catch the Fever!!!

Spring is upon us. Here in California we will Spring forward one hour, giving us a chance to save on electricity. We lose an hour of sleep on Sunday morning, but it is all worth it to have longer sunshine during the day. Kids will play until 7:30, instead of 5:30 - we will be greeted with the warmth and not as much cold in the coming weeks. Yes, we do need more rain and I am hoping that April Showers might really come true this year.

Looking forward to a great weekend, as my week has been pretty good. Even with dealing with a sick little 10 year old that is soon to turn 11 didn't get in my way. I had an interview for a new job and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will call me back for a second interview that is with a panel of higher up decision makers. I felt pretty confident afterwards. With or without a job I took the steps to volunteer in my little sisters 2nd grade classroom. All the background checks are done and now I just have to wait for Spring Break to be over. I received the judgement for my Child Support - which has never been a "real" court enforced matter. It is a good thing and in a round about way I feel like I have been hitting the "easy" button in this process (and my son's father did agree that it was a step in the right direction, just not sure how he feels about the final judgement). I also got my taxes done. I am going to hold onto the money for the time being, but once I get a full time job again then I can pay off some long standing bills - even the doctor bills that are coming in from my last set of heart issue tests.

This weekend - The Lorax birthday celebration. My son will turn 11 this weekend and is very excited to be having a Dr. Suess celebration. The Lorax - The Lorax - The Lorax - if you have never read the book, then you for sure need to - it is memorable!!! We are heading to I-Hop restaurant this Saturday morning to have The Lorax breakfast meal - as my son is excited to get Tree Seeds and find a place to plant them. Then off to see The Lorax movie with my family and then I will treat them to lunch of my homemade chili. For sure no kids birthday celebration would be complete without other kids, we are having just a few kids in the neighborhood come for cake and ice cream. I am not going overboard and never planned to do so - this is just the right tone for this 11 year old. I am very excited, since The Lorax is a huge family favorite and well, even asked my sister that lives in Boston to take my niece and nephew tomorrow, so that it is like a full family celebration.

Many good things happening!!! Looking forward to what each new week has in store for me!!! Hope that you all have a GREAT weekend -

Staying MOtivated MO


kristi said...

That sounds fun! My hubby took our son to see that movie last weekend....while I worked..blah!

Maren said...

Spring is coming, finally! :D