Sunday, March 18, 2012

Emotional Moments

I knew this moment was going to happen. I have been out of work for just about 1 month now and I kind of knew that I would have rough emotional patch in this unemployment process. This last week was going to be a rough one. There was the fact that my son is on Spring break from school and he is at his father's for the next two weeks. However, I was able to spend time with him last Wednesday and we took in a local hockey game together, I did get my Aman fix. My sister was on a long vacation, so there was no workout buddy for the week. (I was house sitting for her, so I was able to workout a few days using my sisters "gym" - that was good - I even challenged myself when I was on the Elliptical Slider and realized that I could do 100 strides per minute, then pushed myself more and did about 150 strides per minute - keeping up the pace I was thrilled that by the end of the week I was doing 3200 strides in 30 was a good motivation for me and made me want to have my own slider at home). But, I am getting a bit off track at this point............then my neighbor was also on vacation, so no walking buddy this past week. I woke up each morning with no motivation, no drive. Most days I was in my PJ's until about 12 noon. Now, I know that PJ moments will happen and I am trying my best to have a set schedule, because I really need to be making progress each day. I did get out a few times - having some errands to run, a last minute dinner invite with a friend, and then lunch with some other friends on another day. Saturday was the worst, maybe because of the weather, or the fact that my emotions were all over the place, but in the end I did go out with some girlfriends, danced the night away and celebrated my Irish with a fun night!!! Happy late St. Patrick's Day to you all - by the way.

Then this morning, Sunday...a time to start the new week. I have a pending interview on the horizon, and it is a new week - let's make this one count better then the last. There is no reason to be non-productive. But, I was disappointed to miss my CBS Sunday Morning show - even if the channel said it was supposed to be on at the regular time. I am a huge fan of this show and always start my week with it - it gets me going - I needed it this morning (yes, that is awful, to be dependent on a TV show, but it was better then having "comfort food"). However, I was not going to let missing it control my mood. Then I got my Sunday morning phone call from Mer. We had a great conversation. She makes me laugh and smile and be happy just by hearing about her crazy week, or something fun and then when she hits the "dip" and I have to call her back because the cell phone lost contact, we just pick up right where we left off. This mornings phone call was more then just laughter - it included a good emotional moment for me.

Mer and I were talking and we both realized something and for me the light bulb went off again - go figure...With me, it is the emotional aspect. I KNOW I feel better when I workout. Mer KNOWS what she needs to do, but she needs to make the time. I have tons of time on my hands, but the emotion is controlling me. Mer has to juggle this and that, but how come juggling losing weight seems to take a back seat to other things?

If we both KNOW what we need to do then WHY don't we do it? As much as we feel the daunting task of exercising, tracking our food, drinking out water, getting the full amount of sleep and so much more, WHY don't we make that an everyday habit? Then all of the sudden - in the midst of us both agreeing on many things - we both said out loud - "We know what we have to do, why don't we do it" I sat back and thought about that phone call. I cleaned the house and thought more. I finished the laundry and thought again about that statement. Even with a well needed afternoon visit with my sister (glad she had a great vacation) I thought again and came up with a new motto.............

I am doing all that needs to be done to lose this weight
AND I am feeling good and looking good!!!!

A new week 
A new me on the horizon
Going to get this done - the emotional moments will not control me!!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Chubby McGee said...

((((BIG HUGS)))

Good luck on that pending interview. I hope you get it and nail it!

spunkysuzi said...

Sending positive thoughts for your interview! I'm always so scared when I have to do those.
The know is the easy part sometimes the doing is sooooooo hard! I feel ya :)