Friday, March 9, 2012


Have you ever taken a Pilates class? I have taken a few, with the assistance of Mer's sister who owns a Pilates studio. I would have never guessed that Pilates is more then just lying down on the floor. There are machines, balls, rollers and more stretches then you can count. I always thought it was just a new type of Yoga (and never have done a yoga class, I am for sure not one to know much about yoga vs. pilates).

I have learned to use a Pilates Reformer - and even purchased one that I use not as frequently as I should, but I do put it to use at the end of most of my garage workout sessions...

I then took another Pilates class that allowed me to use a Balance Ball -

My latest Pilates class involved learning how to stretch and mold myself with a Foam Roller -

After my Boot Camp class with Mer last Saturday I ventured over to the Pilates Studio to get in a good workout with the Foam Roller. It was an hour of learning how to stretch out muscles that I don't stretch often enough. Some of the moves were a bit difficult, but at the same time I knew that I was doing my body some good. I have used the Foam Roller about three times this week. I can feel the difference in my back and when I had a headache the other day I put it to use to work out the pressure I was feeling on my neck.

(some sample movements) - looks uncomfortable, but after a bit it really does a body good!!!

What new exercise have you done lately?

Stay Strong
Stay Focused
Stay Positive
and be grateful for all that you have!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

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Mer said...

I am rolling!
You are rolling!
Soon everyone will be rolling!
Never give up! Even if it hurts to good!