Sunday, March 4, 2012

8 Week Challenge Roundup

Mer and I have been doing a Boot Camp Challenge for the last 8 weeks. Not really a huge challenge on our part, well - maybe on my part, as I know that Mer did much better on this challenge then me. This was called the Best Body 8 Week Challenge. Kind of a bit disorganized group, if you ask my opinion, but I was going to go to the last meet up event because, well, I am not a quitter. The cost was just $20.00 you could participate in several options of getting a Better Body. The money went to the Boys and Girls Club, so I was not only doing good for me, but being able to support another organization. Now, if some of you have been keeping up with this blog, you will know that I hit a wall with this challenge. The wall for the fact that when I signed up for the challenge they did not get my payment the first time. They got it the second time, but then I never got emails to confirm this. Mer has been getting emails and "cyper" encouragement for the last 8 weeks, but not me. We both have been encouraging each other, so for that fact I am grateful. I guess it just would have been nice to get more encouragement from the group. My original plan was to finish the challenge by driving down to Mer's place, attend the final boot camp session and show myself that I could complete this. I know I have not lost weight, but do feel that the inches have come off.

We headed to the Boot Camp early Saturday morning. I was a bit nervous. I have not been exercising up to capacity or even pushing myself like I should be. I was afraid that I was going to get sick. Would I be able to do the whole workout? What about actually keeping up with others. Mer was going to be a good support. She stuck by me the whole 1.5 hour workout. We did a fast pace warm up, then they wanted us to do blanks and pushups and compare what we did from the first week. (I did not do this back in January, so I do not know how far I have come - but was pleased to see that Mer did a full 2 minute blank - awesome!!!). Then there was a 20 minute workout. After that was a 12 minute obstacle course. Yes, I thought I was going to heave, but I did it - we both did it - we both finished strong and we survived. This was a good finish for me. A good way for me to realize that I still have a long way to go, but look at how far I have come!!! That is an accomplishment in itself - how far I have come.

I did get measured this morning, but need to go back to my main Boot Camp instructor and have her do the final measurements to be more accurate, so I will have an update on that in the coming days.

Very glad that we both did this 8 week challenge. I think that when you break up the challenges in pieces it keeps you motivated. If you have a goal to hit after 4 weeks or even 8 weeks, then you can set smaller goals that will add up to bigger goals. I am going to head home today and start another 8 week challenge on my own. Here are my goals on that:

Loss another 10 pounds (if it is more, then great!!)

Do stretching exercising each and everyday!! It will help me stay lose and my muscles will love me!!

Do a boot camp workout 3 times a week!!

Walk, Walk, Walk, as much as I can each day, everyday!!

I am also thinking of adding ZUMBA to my workouts. I have never done this, but do hear that it has a lot of dancing to it - and I love to dance. I have reconnected with a good friend recently and she became a ZUMBA instructor, and even if I can't take her class each week (she lives way out of town), then I can start something new.

Mixing it up - trying something new - having goals - that is going to get me to where I need to be, to be healthy!!! When I work out I am achieving many goals - my mind, body and soul are at peace - I am at peace - I feel centered - many things to be thankful for and glad that I am on this journey with myself!!!!

Hope you are having a good week - looking forward to a most wonderful Lucky to be Irish Green March!!

Stay Strong
Much Success to you this month
Keep up the good work

Staying MOtivated Mo


E. Jane said...

Good for you doing the boot camp. Also, you have some great goals in mind! Keep up the good work, and have a great week!

Michele said...

I think our new goals sound realistic and doable. You stay strong, too.

Mer said...

Way to finish strong and reset those goals to keep the momentum going! Keep it up!
Love ya!