Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Workouts!!!!

Setting a goal for the weekend - have to get it into gear, been slacking in my workout goals.....

Saturday - going to be in the car for quite sometime, so have to make sure I get myself moving early...

Punching bag morning workout!!

After all the running around I will make sure I do a bit of Saturday afternoon strength training with balance ball and a good 3 circuit free weight workout on the arms, to include pushups.

Sunday morning workout - pilates - even if I can't be at the studio with the Sunday morning gals, I can still put in a workout at the same time.

If the weather is still nice on Sunday afternoon, - which, by the way was so wonderful this afternoon that I wanted to play hooky from work - will take a 45 minute walk.

Oh - have to work on the garden, so that will give me some more exercise.

Writing it down is going to keep me accountable to not only myself, but to my goals, too!!!!

Staying Motivated MO


Maren said...

You can do all these things :) Writing it down is a great idea I think!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Punching bag workout? I didn't know people still did that! Classic.

Maria said...

Oooh working in the garden is an awesome workout, which is why I rarely do it. =) Sounds like you're doing great! GO MO!