Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm going to get fat

Yes, "I am going to get fat" was uttered from my 10 year old last night. For me, it was a laughable moment that a 10 year old boy was actually saying that he thought he was going to gain weight, but as I looked into the backseat of the car I see my Aman with tears streaming down his face.

Let me backup a bit. Aman, 10 years old and all, is a very active boy. He has the best metabolism anyone would ever want. I have never really seen a budgie stomach on him. He can eat like a horse one day and then the next he will just eat the basics. I mean, he is a growing boy. I have even thought about taking stock out on a grocery store just so I will have the money to feed him when he is a teenager. If you have a growing boy and a refrigerator, then you know what I am talking about.

I have been truly blessed that I don't have to tell my son to watch what he eats. I have also been truly blessed that he is not a huge fast food fan, does not have to have dessert each night and for sure is not a sweet eater. Heck, most years he will give me about 90% of his Trick or Treat bag and tell me to take it to work to share with others. Nor does my son have any issues with food - never been a picky eater...loves the soups, salads, veggies and will try mostly everything from fish to Menudo (Mexican stew)...but never sushi.

Last night we had to deliver the last of his Scout popcorn orders (the chocolate flavors don't come to us until late November). I normally plan for these type of trips - where I pick him up after I get off work, there is a little snack in the car, we do our errands and then home for dinner. However, last night I didn't prepare. As we got into the car and I told him what we were doing all does not go well. He had a rough day at school and wanted to go home. Did I have a snack for him? Nope. Didn't they give you a snack at your after school group? Nope. Well, sort of...but he didn't like what they see, my son is for sure one person that has to eat every 3 hours. There is no ifs ands or buts about it. I knew I was in trouble.

After doing our deliveries (a full 1.5 hours for sure) we headed out to dinner. I figured if we had to do a "chore" of sorts, that eating out would be a nice change of pace. I did my best to give him the water I had in the car as a comfort, but didn't have any cash with me to even pick up a small bite to eat (and I am not one to use my ATM card for just a $2.00 purchase). Off to Chili's - his favorite restaurant.

I already knew what he wanted to eat, but to my surprise he actually wanted to try something new. As he looked over the menu he says "I want a FULL rake of Ribs". What - the full size - that is crazy, but I knew he would eat it all. I did my best to convince him that it was way too expensive to do that. I wanted to do the $20.00 meal deal - an appetizer and then we both got a meal, too. Nope, that didn't work. Being extremely hungry was too much for this little guy. We finally struck a compromise.

But, that compromise was letting my 10 year old dictate the meal situation (I am such a softy). He started with a bowl (not a cup) of Chili, then had the 1/2 rack of ribs (ate all 5 of them - I think I got one bite off of one), he then ate the extreme mashed potatoes - covered with bacon, cheese and chives, then he ate two of my Big Bite hamburgers (we got this meal because he didn't think he was going to like the Ribs and therefore, if he didn't like them we would trade) Big Bites are the small little sandwich type hamburgers - there are 4 with this order. He also ate 1/2 of the order of fries I had on my plate (yes, I had fries). I am not really sure why I caved into this option of meal choose, but I guess I wanted to make sure my hungry guy was going to be taken care of, so played it safe and got two meals that were going to make him happy. And yes, he had a lot to eat. Let's not forget the 1 glass of soda. He even wanted more to eat after that meal - saying something like "my stomach is still empty". That boy can eat!! (still spent less then getting the full rack of ribs...but that is the last going out adventure for the month).

Here is where this 10 year old feels that he will get fat. As we are driving home I hear myself saying all the things Aman ate at dinner, in a good way and laughing that he is a bottomless pit. After I say it I hear Aman in the back seat crying - What was that all about? My son says, through the tears, that he felt he was going to get fat. Oh, no - no you are not. I proceeded to tell him everything from, you are an active boy, to saying if I thought you would get fat I would not let you eat all of that food in one sitting, look how skinny you are, you don't have a tummy on you, you will burn all of that food off before you even get into are not going to get fat.

Now, I don't have a big finish to this story. No spectacular words to live by. No real solution or how I "digested" this whole moment, or that I sort of want to go back in time, or that I felt bad that he feels this way. I did, however, come to the realization that our own children can say the simplest things and make you realize so much!!!

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