Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Office Traditions

Ahhhh - the Holidays. Time for those nice customers and clients we have to say Thank You and Congrats on a great year to the companies that they do business with. The holidays seem to bring out the need to share the joy of the year by giving us food. I look forward to getting Holiday food gifts from our business associates (unless you count that one year that involved a gifted ham, homemade soup, the bone in my bosses throat and her losing 10 pounds during the whole process - yes, I have not made the soup since and can't look at a "gifted" ham the same way anymore).

The food of choose for most office's is receiving the yummy delicious (dreaded)  If you live in the Western states and for sure California, then you know what this delightful treat is. When I was little I loved to eat the hard candy lollipop's they make. These little stores are so delightful and the ladies always wear cute little black & white outfits. I always thought that would be the best job to have at Christmas time - all the chocolate you could eat - LOL

Something like this box  Thank You Gift Box is sitting on my desk right now. Well, actually on the top counter area. In the last 30 minutes three people have come up to eat a treat out of the box. As one of my co-workers walked by he said I should take the box up to the main office - which is totally what I planned to do. I can control myself with my daily desktop candy dish, but this box - well, this box is too tempting.

But wait - you won't believe what just happened!! My boss has come up to the box about 3 times already and as he is searching through the collection he turns to me and wants to know which one is the coconut caramel one. The box comes close to my nose. I totally have to push back my chair. "No - don't put that box near me"...but he is really searching. I have to laugh so hard !! This is too funny, that he is searching for a cocoanut caramel chocolate. That box landed right on my desk!!

Okay - I thought I would have fun with this. I am a huge google fan, so off to the computer I went. We typed in the website - we looked over the selections - there was chocolate everywhere. We could not find the coconut...or cocoanut as See's spells it. I picked up a piece in the little dark wrapper - viewed the piece - matched it to the picture on the screen - nope, that was not it. Picked up another....this was too funny - here we were inspecting chocolate. And you know what - there never was a cocoanut one. My boss ate three pieces in the process. I didn't even lick my lips.

Triumph - Applause !! Didn't even think that inside one of those chocolates would be a caramel delight. Because, as delicious as this holiday treat can be, I don't need one, I don't want one and I will not have one!!! At the end of this Holiday I will truthfully be able to report that I DID NOT have one piece!!

Please excuse me, but I have to remove the box from my view..........Have a great Monday!!

Staying MOtivated MO 


deanna said...

good job, how tempting... you did it! And will for the rest of the season. It is nice to have a boss who will eat them for you :)

Maren said...

Well done! That would have been a proper challenge for me I think. I can't let it get too close! :p