Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Feel Good Saturday

This past Saturday I attended a yearly Holiday event. I join a group of friends on a Lighted Boat Parade. They spend several weekends putting up lights and adding blow up items all over a boat as a "float" of sorts. We travel on the water to the starting point and as we wait to start the 4 hour floating parade of fun we have a great BBQ lunch, laugh, drink a little and get all dressed up in whatever the theme is that we have created. We never do the parade theme - we have always gone away from the norm. One year it was floating Santa's, the next was a Halloween fun time, the next was Red White & Blue and last year we had fun as Vikings. This year we were excited to be Cowboys. Hats, boots, guns and salon girls were on the agenda.

I will admit that I was a bit nervous about going, as I seem to be every year. I told myself to make sure I didn't eat too much, drink too much, but do have fun. There are always munchies on the boat that are non-stop and are so tempting. It was funny, but I really was not hungry and didn't have the need to be by the snack table during the trip. I did really well. I had a few crackers and some cheese. Loved the vegetables (without the dip), wishing that there were more. Then when we made our meal I only had one helping of the Chili and Tri Tip. I was really excited about the Chili, because I don't really cook from scratch and this time I did. It was really good and got rave reviews. Late in the evening the guys were eating the lukewarm chili and were craving more in the morning....back to my story...............As the day progressed I was feeling good. I not only realized that I was not carrying around 40 extra pounds from last years event, but many other things happened this night...
  • I was able to get down the boat dock ramp with ease.
  • Getting on the boat was not a struggle or fear of being too "clumsy" to get on - not that hard, as it is, but still a factor for me. 
  • Sitting down in the boat chairs was not uncomfortable.
  • I was bundled up and I was thrilled to be bundled this year. I did not feel large or out of sorts wearing my jacket. This year it actually fit, even with the added layers underneath.
  • Felt good about dancing and didn't mind doing it this year!! (maybe fear of rockin the boat too much).
  • I kept my food intake at moderation, even the alcohol, too. Drank tons of water - thank goodness there is an "outhouse" on the boat (come on, it is a Western theme ya all!)
It was a feel good Saturday!!! Can't wait for next years celebration even more!!!

Chuck Wagon Cook Mo - the Chili was really good!!!
Our boat is nothing fancy and we like it that way. Some huge yachts come out and most of them hire a creator to transform their boat into a magical palace!! We put a lot of love into our creation!! 
The front of our boat !

Their music is always sooooo loud...glad they are at the end of the parade
Loved this one - the canons had smoke coming out and almost all the passengers were Pirates
Another favorite

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Maren said...

Oh I would have loved to gone on this! Looks like a blast!