Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 77- The Healing Power of Rituals

From 100 days of weight loss by Linda Spangle

Rituals and routines help ground us by setting a pattern that maintains our emotional safety net. The familiar will help relax and heal you instead of rifling through the cupboards in search for something that will satisfy the immediate need. Start a new ritual of making yourself a cup of tea or here are some othe ideas that Spangle suggests:
- listen to instrumental music at night before you go to sleep
- light candles and meditate or sit in silence for awhile before dinner
- read a few pages from a special book- poetry, bible or a novel
- have a cup of tea and write about the day
- when traveling find something that will comforting- your favorite tea or even just the cup

By using these healing rituals it will help you feel nurtured, calm and energized.
Stay strong!


Mer and Mo said...

Tea must be the is mentioned several times! I feel like when I sip on my water it keeps me calm and focused..knowing that I am doing my body good by drinking something with less calories then that soda I used to drink.


Maren said...

A good cup of tea is filling, too. ;)

Jessica said...

These are great suggestions.