Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 76- Emotional Safety

From 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle
In this chapter, Spangle introduces the idea of creating emotional safe places. The stress of the day can leave me feeling anxious, insecure or rattled. It might be a hard day in the classroom, a stressful meeting, or just the running around that I do. I need spaces where I can regroup and feel grounded and protected so that I can regain my strength and feel secure.
So I have my office that I call the bat cave since it has no windows and on my desk I have pictures that help me relax since I don't share my office I can do some deep breathing and positive visualizing without much interruptions. Sometimes I will purposely walk over to the nature area just so I can walk through the to regroup to feel grounded and solid again. At home, working in the garden helps me stay grounded or looking outside helps me.
Spangle suggest ways to create safety anywhere by carrying a favorite coffee cup when you go into meetings, or a special notebook. It gives you something to hold on to.
Whatever you do make those oasis or retreat spaces so you can stay emotionally safe instead of turning to food for safety.

Find your emotional safety space
Be strong
Be grounded
So you can be secure!

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