Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas MO Moments!

Christmas was grand - nothing fancy, nothing huge. My son fell asleep on the way home from picking him up at his Dad's on Christmas Eve - just a 10 minute drive, but he was tired. So, I did the milk and cookies for him. I will say that I didn't eat any of those cookies, but did have some on Christmas Day. Didn't feel that I went overboard too much this weekend. Got on the scale this morning and can honestly say that I am up about 2 pounds since the last time I weighed in (about 2 weeks ago). Happy with those results for the moment. Really wishing I was more down then up at this point, but I am glad that I have come this far this year!!

Some good parts of the weekend:

I had a spectacular Open House event on Friday night. I had two glasses of wine and didn't keep munching at the appetizer table during the night. Just visiting with friends was the best part. Oh, and keeping track of the boys goofing off in the bathroom kept me busy too (who taught them how to make wads of wet toilet paper - Santa almost didn't come this year!!!).

I was able to put all the goodies away and many things have gone into the freezer so that I don't keep eating them. My sister made Christmas dinner and gave me the left overs because she had to fly out of town yesterday morning. The left over prime rib has gone into the freezer. The left over ham from Friday night is going to make a good corn chowder that I can freeze!! Can't wait to get to cooking that this week.

The one thing I am happy with is that there was only 1 piece of pie left over!! Nothing like the whole pie from last year (yes, I did dust off a whole pie in less then 3 days last year) - boy, have I come far!!!

I don't feel like I am over eating. I am not that hungry and when I do go to the refrigerator I am finding that the fruit and vegetables are good!! I grab a glass of water and that is satisfying enough!! I don't have this urge to eat everything in sight before it goes bad.

The left over cookies have come to work!!

The presents were wonderful this year. Santa did a good job and for that I am grateful. Of course almost every game & toy was opened and used before the end of the day. Looking forward to this weekend with my son when we can actually play with the new helicopter he got from his Uncle and get to reading all the new books he got from his Aunts, too!!! Hard to have to go back to work for a few days, but grateful that I do have a job during some very tough times for many!!

Two more things:

I am going to take a break from blogging for a  moment. Giving Mer the chance to catch you all up on the 100 Day of Weight Loss and time for me to reflect on things that I need to accomplish. I have missed Mer's
perspective and support on the blog, so looking forward to her words in the coming days!!!

I had a semi-scary moment on Friday afternoon. Not sure if it was stress, the lack of sleep, the rush of the holiday or what. Did a quick trip to the grocery store and as I took that last turn, felt the rush of blood leave my head, the heart take a few too many fast beads and well, I am taking it easy. It came fast and left fast. Didn't phase me for more then a split moment, reflecting on it has taken up some brain power. Have to watch what is going on and going to make an appointment with my doctor. Do believe it was just something simple and have discussed it at great lengths with my family and all has been good since. I didn't get a nice new bracelet like McGee, but did read her post and am taking to heart everything that she said. I want to continue to work on my new healthy lifestyle, I want to lose this weight and I want to be looking smokin' hot for the water guy every two weeks (come on - laughter is the best medicine)....

Wishing you all a great end to your 2011 year and may 2012 bring you much love, happiness, healthiness, joy and wealth!!!!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

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Christina said...

What a wonderful holiday season! In spite of the two-pound gain, it sounds like you did really well. Your scary moment does sound scary. I hope it was a freak occurrence!