Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 75- Small Wins

From 100 days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle

I was reflecting back on this week and really feeling disappointed in myself because although I have been getting a lot done that I have not been getting up early for my workouts, not drinking nearly enough water and I stopped tracking my intake.
STOP! This is where Spangle suggests to notice the small wins. Look at your goals and which ones help move you closer to your goals? They can be anything that makes you feel more successful, happy, healthy or peaceful.
Write the small wins to affirm your success-
1. In spend time reading to my son everyday
2. I make sure to eat healthy snacks
3. I take the time to hug the people I love
4. I find alone time so I can be quiet to think and relax
5. I read a book fora pleasure during vacation

By focusing on accomplishments everyday I will become more confident that I can lose the weight that I want and become the person that I want to be. The mistakes will play a smaller role and I will have more appreciation for all that I do.
So take a moment to record a list of 5 small wins daily, read it aloud and notice how it affects your attitude.

Take the small wins and see your daily successes!
You can do this!

Working from the inside-out,

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