Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 74- Watch for Rainbows

From 100 Days of Weight Loss by Linda Spangle-

Have you ever had a "No-Good-Very-Bad-Day?" We all have them. And for me I find that I search for food when I am having one of those days.  The challenges and discouragements are around us all the time, but Spangle encourages the reader to train yourself to look at all the good things around you.
Expecting the best out of the unexpected is what is needed to transform life into an everyday positive experience.  Joy is really an easy thing to find when you open your heart and use your keen senses to notice the good things around you.For example just sitting at this computer if I just pay attention I notice the warmth of the sun coming through the kitchen window, a hot cup of coffee my husband just made me, sunny yellow meyer lemons hanging from the tree waiting for me to squeeze to make ice cubes for future summer lemonade, and my son playing with my hair while he watches TV. Spangle calls these "rainbows" and points out that if you appreciate them they will change your outlook.
So even after the holiday season is done continue to look for those bright colorful rainbow moments, smile, celebrate and have an attitude of gratitude instead of comforting yourself with good old food. Nourish yourself with a daily dose of rainbows!
Happy holidays!

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