Friday, November 4, 2011

Where did you go???

So - I know that Mer and I have the same - or about the same Blog Name as another blog out there - but I was really enjoying reading this blog ...........werelosingittoo...............but I can't get to them anymore. A mother and daughter working on losing weight. I was enjoying their story and trying to stay up with them, even if it was just to read their story each week. Realized this morning that the reason I am not getting updates is because you have to be invited to view their blog. However, I can't seem to email them or even get the information I need to be invited.

Can anyone help me?

Staying MOtivated MO


Dawn said...

Same has happened to me - I've lost a fellow blogger Also a Dawne who was one of my first commenters and has gone private and I don't know a way to be added.
I'm sorry I can't help with this blog either...I used to read it too!
If you find out how to communicate please ask to add me too

Mer and Mo said...

@Dawn - oh, good - now there are two of us on the lookout for this block. I will see what I can find and maybe I might find that other Dawne for you!! Have a GREAT weekend (FYI - I posted some updated pics...see my November 3rd posting)


Maren said...

Sorry, I don't know anything about that blog :s

Mer and Mo said...

Just means that it is time to branch out and find some other cool blogs that will inspire us further.