Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mo's Progress

I searched for a picture today to give me inspiration and I had a good laugh. I am either not in any of the pictures, because I am the one taking the pictures or I am in the picture behind someone (specifically my son). I know that I have made progress, but it was hard to see that progress through pictures. Many of you out in blog world or even the weight loss community tell us to take progress photos. I think I finally found one or two and they do remind me that no matter how fast or slow I am doing this, I am doing it -

Mo - visiting a work site - August 2010
Happy MoHomeowner
September 2010

First Progress Photo - Spring 2011
Yes - same shirt as the last photo - not really sure how that happened. Staring at this and wondering, 
have I made progress!!!?!
Not much more weight gone since Spring 2011 - but I am getting toned and feeling Sexy!!!
November 2011

Looking forward to my next progress update!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

You look marvelous! I can definitely see the progress! ♥

Christina @ Just Running said...

You look great! I can definitely see the difference.

Mer and Mo said...

You look too sexy for this blog! LOL! You are making awesome progress. I wish I was as MOtivated as you! I will find my groove back.