Friday, November 11, 2011

Team Radio Flyer 5K Fun!!!

For years I have participated in a long standing friend get together on Thanksgiving Day. I would start my gobble gobble day by doing a 5K walk / run event, but will say that it was more of a social event then really getting out there and "exercising".

Our team was called Radio Flyer. Radio Flyer/Shanghai 18 Classic Red WagonWe had a wagon full of stuff- yes, a Radio Flyer Red Wagon. Not one of those with the fancy sides, just something simple. One of my friends even has the little itty bitty ones, a bike and a middle size one (that used to hold the muffins) that we pulled all along the race. In years past we would meet up and make sure that we were all bundled up, but there was always refreshments that were to be enjoyed on the trip. There was coffee and hot chocolate at first, muffins to munch on, and a good to eat breakfast to get us going for the big race. Then as the morning progressed and we made it past the starting line we would move onto those delicious liquid refreshments. At first, it was a orange kind of lovely treat, but as years went by people started bringing everything from Bloody Mary's to Hot Totties. Love the one year that my friend was at the end of the pack and the policeman was doing the "clean up" sweep and she got into his car with her "drink" of choice and he drove her to the finish line - no worries, she made sure the cup was covered with her hand so that she didn't have an "open container" in the vehicle. No worries, we don't do the finish line with a stumble and having to walk that little straight line - we don't go that overboard - just a casual don't have to put the turkey in the oven fun time!!

Yes, it has been fun doing this event with friends and a special liquid refreshment each year. A group of 10 that widdled down to 8, to 6 and then just about 2 years ago I think we were only at 5. My son has even joined us on occasion. This event is for a good cause - all the money would go towards the local Feed the Hungry food banks in the area. I not only was having a good time with my friends, but was helping my community. BUT - it took us about 3 hours to do this race (yes, we took our time and many pit stops), I only walked casually, I never ran, and most of the time I was pulling a wagon behind me. Heck, we weren't out there to really exercise, just to have friend time.

Well, just about 3 years ago most all of that changed. The crowd for this one event was getting too big. About 20,000 people are participating - yes, you read that right - that many. I think it took us more time to get to the starting line then to actually do the race. We could not pull the wagon around as well as we had hoped. We were walking faster and faster each year just to be done and avoid most of the crowd. So - two years ago I decided that I wanted to keep doing this Thanksgiving celebration and found the same race, but it was local. I did it with a friend and her daughter and my son even participated. Last year - nope - decided I wanted to sleep in, enjoy the Macy's Day Parade and not be disturbed until the end of the day (but I did have company, so that might be why I didn't do the race).

My philosophy has all changed now!!!

I WILL be doing the Thanksgiving 5K this year. I WON'T be carrying any liquid refreshment. I WON'T be casually walking. I WON'T be pulling a wagon behind me (do miss that aspect, however) and I will have less of me to actually pull around - LOL. I WILL be doing a combination of running and walking. My little sis has even agreed to join me.

Run & Walk Against Hunger 2011

Going down to register this weekend - looking forward to my 12th 5K T-shirt and being proud to wear it more then I have in years past. I am healthier and confident in my new lifestyle!! So many wonderful changes going on and wow - loving every moment of it.

Staying MOtivated MO


Maria said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! You go, Mo!

Christina @ Just Running said...

How neat! I love that you are bringing a new attitude to an old tradition! You are going to have a blast at the race, Mo! Is your boy going to participate? Nice job getting your sister in on the fun. :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Sounds fun. Radio Flyer - what a cool blast from the past!

Maren said...

Thanksgiving 5k sounds brilliant!!