Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Workout Love

This is the trainer that we use for our morning workouts. (Yes, the bootcamp ladies are still in the park. Working out to the DVD on the laptop.) I am not trying to sell him, but I think he is the new love in my life and for all the right reasons:
  • He is energetic! I love the positive energy that he has! It is contagious!
  • He is silly! I love that he makes me laugh at 5:45AM in the dark, cold park.
  • He modifies! He makes sure that the exercises are doable for me!
  • He motivates and inspires me to do my personal best!
We had another bootcamp instructor come over and try to win us over, but we like Tony Horton.  He is always reliable and never gets sick. We like the fact that we don't have to really pay him. For a 53 year old he is nice eye candy.

You can see for yourself since he was features on the Dr. Oz show last month:

Since the time change we are still getting up and meeting in the park. Boy, it is DARK and the temperature last Friday  was 44 degrees F! Ok, for us Californians anything under 60 degrees F is cold. I know, I know spoiled we are! We beat the storm since it was due to start raining at 9:00AM. We all hope to keep meeting until it just gets to cold and wet to do so.  Then, we won't meet until early spring. We have been doing our favorite "Hawaii" workout. It seems to transport us to a sunny paradise and his fun routines just gets our day started right!

I am always on the lookout for good workout DVD. What is your favorite DVD workout? Why is it your fav?

Have a great week everyone!
Always moving- MER


Maren said...

Oh, he looks fairly fit... ;)

Mer and Mo said...

Mer - I love your dedication to the Boot Camp ladies. I really wish I had a workout partner near me - maybe I just need to get up and pretend you are working out right in my warm living room, as you are dealing with the cold! More power to you and keep up the good work!!!