Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another Year has come and gone....

As my son and I returned home from Trick or Treating last night, checked out his candy, made sure it was all good to go and took out the items he really would not eat, we each decided to open just ONE item. A small kit kat candy bar we both picked. I then giggled with delight when the next thing happened. I would take a bite and he would to. Then if I took another bite he did the same. He wanted to eat the candy at the same pace as me and I tried to trick him a few times. I savored each and every bite. Made our evening complete!!! I will not be eating anymore candy, got in my fill. I do believe I calculated it well and only ate 44 calories of chocolate last night (whoops - I am wrong, it is 73 calories, but can I imagine it is only 44 - LOL). Ready to challenge my scale in what lies ahead for me. No tricks here, just some great NSV treats to come!!!

Finished my Trick or Treating night with the anticipation of my 44th year. Thought about my Mom as she had just finished the Halloween rounds with my 3 older sisters some short 44 years ago and then took a casual drive to the hospital to have me. I arrived sometime early on the 1st of November - for sure not a trick, more of a treat for many!! I really do try not to tell my age or even say my age out loud, but sometimes you just have to be honest and put it out there.

In celebration of my 44th year, I had a bit of inspiration from a college friend who is a personal trainer in the Seattle area, so decided to start my day with:
  • 44 Minutes of a Punching Bag Workout....
then with my Free Weights I did
  • 44 Arm Curls
  • 44 Overhead Arm Lifts
  • 44 Front Arm Lifts
  • 44 Side Arm Lifts
Added this to the complete the workout
  • 44 Calf Lifts
  • 44 Push ups
  • 44 Balance Ball Stomach Curls (OK, sit ups, but used the balance ball as a "helper" today)
  • 44 Leg Lunges
Got on the scale this morning and not quite to the 44 pounds I wanted to lose by now (since January), but I will get there soon. Going to have to stick to a better schedule - workouts and eating wise. The working out I am doing good with, but the eating not so much. Still struggling with the ups and downs of 5 pounds for months now. Time to hit 44 and move on....

Therefore, in this, my 44th year of my life, I WILL lose 44 more pounds!!!

For the month of November I will work out each day for 44 minutes (including Thanksgiving - wonder which 5K run/walk I will do this year).

Once a week I will take 44 minutes of quiet time for myself - think, dream, breath, just relax - no TV, no distractions, can walk during that time, but walk on my own - this will be for me.

Another year has come and gone for me!!! I have a good plan and ready for another 44 years. How will you celebrate your birthday this coming year???

Staying MOtivated Mo


Jessica said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! Great goals, go get it!! :)

deanna said...

Happy 44! Have a wonderful day!

Maren said...

I love the 44's! :D Happy birthday! You have some great goals that I'm sure you can take care of! :)

Michele said...

I am sending you 44 (!!!) Happy Birthday wishes! You have grown at least in 44 news ways on getting fit and regaining your health. Here is to a great forty-fourth year!

Love, love the eating of KitKat story you shared. You have an awesome and playful son!!!

Christina @ Just Running said...

Happy birthday!! What a great way to celebrate! I love that you're so into the numbers.

My birthday is 11/11/11, so I want to celebrate by running 11.11 miles if I'm not too sore from the big race I'm running this weekend.

Mer and Mo said...

Happy 44th Belated birthday!!! Another great year behind you and an awesome one in progress as we speak. Dare to dream, Mo!