Monday, October 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

Up - It is Halloween and I am very excited to go out Trick or Treating with my little guy - he is not so little anymore and I am sure this will all come to an end in the next year or two. We get to travel around the neighborhood with good friends. This is our second year in the house and I have gotten to know many around the homestead, so it will be more fun this year.

Down - did not exercise as much as I wanted to this weekend.

Up - got in a full 2 hours of exercise in when I decided to take on the Ball Throwing game at the Friday night Harvest Festival.

Down - Chasing after blue balls at the Ball Throwing game was not fun at all sweaty and exhausted.

Up - got the spare bedroom cleaned out - finally!!!

Down - did not "organize" much of the stuff in the spare bedroom, but it was just nice to actually get it all boxed up, find the floor again and be able to open the door to that room without having to "push" it open.

Up - went out with friends on Saturday night!!

Down - not much dancing with the band on Saturday night, which I had hoped to be the highlight of my night. They didn't clear the tables off the dance floor until about 10 pm, and then when they did they really did not play good dancing music.

Up - made a huge dent in my "messy" desk. Got things organized and ready for the week!

Down - having to deal with an need to elaborate.

Up - signed up for a "dating" website - hoping to try this again and meet a new friend. Staying positive and going to make sure this stays as an UP and not a Down!!! (kind of funny this comes after that last Down). Going to check out again and see what that has to offer me. My "parents" group ended last Spring, so time to branch out and find other ways to meet new people.

Down - losing focus on some of my goals!!!

Up - Have not eatin one piece of candy or chocolate - going to be strong and it will be a huge UP for me!!!

Looking for more UP this month!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maren said...

I really like your ups! I think November will hold great ups for you! :D

Carla said...

Lots of good ups and I'm sorry about the downs. Hope all is well. And great job on the no candy. I was not so lucky :).

Michele said...

That last statement speaks volumes to your determination. I would say that is a slam dunk. Now, be sure not to raid your son's candy?? "Kay??

Have a great week full of exercise and eating less.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Mo, you're such a great, persistent commenter. Thanks for all of the support. I just got back from two hours with kids trick-or-treating in a hilly neighborhood. Whew!