Monday, September 12, 2011


So you feel like you have tons to do, you can't get into bed at a decent hour, you just want to accomplish one more thing before crawling into bed, then you have that alarm go off earlier then it really should? That is me - the one that is always finding something else to do or watching more TV then I really should be and then not going to sleep at an early hour - or even a decent hour.

I was up way too late this weekend. Wishing I had been out dancing, playing around, seeing friends or even having a fun night out on the town, but nope - not this weekend. I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish, worked on most of it, but found myself staying up way way way too late watching 9/11 remembrance and then I got up way way too early to watch even more of it. Not sure why, maybe it was giving myself the time to remember or just being interested in how 102 minutes can pass of that terrible day...(History Channel special).

However, last night I realized at about 8 pm that you know what - why am I staying up so late every night??If I have a list and work on it during the day or evening, why do I need to get it all done all at once?? Or if I have a list, then that is fine, but maybe just do 1 or 2 things and then go to bed. That list will still be there tomorrow, right?

I have not made a list of things to do for the weekend in a very long time. My list this weekend was really long, but you know what - I feel accomplished!! Yes, I did not get the car washed, or pulled the weeds or cut the rose bush, but I did get the big pile of paperwork off my desk, the corner of my family room does not have a box of mess, the floor finally got vacuumed, I did a great job of cleaning out my closet....oh, the list goes on and on....but feeling really good and not overwhelmed.

So - back to the sleep part. 8 pm Sunday night comes - I am exhausted. 9 pm - I have read the little one to sleep and we have had a good night of laughing, remembering, getting ready for the week, talking about our weekend, getting all excited about things to come in the next month.....I am going to head to bed too. Wow - wouldn't you know it - only woke up once in the night, rolled over and fell back to sleep - what a difference 8 hours of sleep makes. Ok - it might have been closer to 7.5 hours, but still, that is more sleep then I have had in a few nights (all at once)!!!

I ate really well yesterday - have stopped the late night snacking for the last three nights and finally got on the scale this morning. From the last time I weighed in I am down 3 pounds. Still not back to where I was at the beginning of August, but still - I am making progress. Amazing what can happen when you eat right, drink plenty of water and well those ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - a big difference.

Get your sleep - don't worry too much about the "list" and make sure you are taking care of yourself!!! You are important - your body will thank you - you will feel energized, refreshed and well, those pounds will start to melt away!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Miss April said...

Progress is good. Late night snacking is bad. Sleep is good. List making is great.... if eventually the items get checked off. I am a serial list maker, I make lists for freakin' everything. Now, only if I stuck to them. Have a great week.

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Good post. I've been concentrating on sleep more than anything and the eating part really hasn't been nearly as challenging. And it helps with everything else!

Munchberry said...

Congrats on seeing the weight come off! Totally agree about getting enough sleep. Enough being enough for you. I require about 5 hours at an absolute minimum. If I don't get it, I act like someone conked me on the head. My husband requires 8 (but prefers 9), but I have seen him function crazy well on 3-4 hours long term (like months) Some people (like me) have a very small tolerance window.

Christina said...

zthe best part of a to-do list is definitely crossing out accomplished tasks. :) It sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Congrats on the three-pound loss! Sleep really is super important. This is a great post to read the week before I go back to school. Thanks!!

Also, there is a blog award waiting for you on my page. :)

Karen said...

Hi Mo! Thanks for stopping by our blog...It's neat that we have the same blog name. :) Having a buddy or in my case daughter, for support is a wonderful thing! Thanks for the encouragement....

Mer said...

The sandman has been at my house lately. I have a cold so I am just plain tired.
You are so good about getting things done no matter what is happening in your life. You do it anyways and that is what will get you through to what you really want and deserve! Just stick to it and never ever give up, MO!
Have a great week!
Love ya!