Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrown Under the Bus

I got to have a good laugh the other night or was it really a good laugh? Not so sure I enjoyed being thrown under the bus to make me laugh about this moment in time. So - let me share with you my Thrown Under the Bus Moment - We were over at the neighbors house the other night checking out their remodel mess  masterpiece that is going on. These are the neighbors we had over for dinner on Labor Day Weekend. I never really have company and I always get nervous about cooking. However, everything turned out really nice and the company was a great treat for me. I let my son plan the meal - we had BBQ Tri Tip, Green Salad, Bread, Corn on the Cob and great conversation.

Oh - wait - there was one more ingredient. We had dessert. We never have dessert. In fact, sweets really don't come into my house because I just can't keep my hands off of them. There has not been much of anything in our house since Christmas, when I finished off this to die for mixed berry pie after our Holiday celebration. (one reason why I finally got on the blog band wagon and am helping myself and Mer lose weight). So, I told my son that he could pick a dessert, since company was rare and far between. I was hoping my son would have picked a pie or something simple, but nope - he wanted ice cream. Now, I LOVE ice cream. We picked some ice cream sandwiches and a gallon of fudge chocolate. Not sure why we got both. Our company shared in having both, so it was nice to have most of it gone. I should have and really am kicking myself now - really should have let my company take the ice cream home. Because, well, I am sure you have guessed it by now - that ice cream was all gone in less then a week (and nope, didn't share). Yikes.

HUGE THROWN UNDER THE BUS MOMENT - SO - as we were at the neighbors the other night my son gave away my secret. I was so embarrassed. I did my best to laugh it off, but it kind of hurt (even if he did NOT say it on purpose - as I don't know how it even came up at that moment) and well, I turned red and realized that you know what...I have a lot more to learn about this losing weight thing. I should have been more prepared for this "dessert" moment. I can have ice cream in the house, but it is going to have to be very limited, to my son only. If he wants a nice cold treat we will have to purchase the single item ones. If company does come over I either need to have them take home the sweet or I will need to throw it away. OR OR OR - I could really work on self control. I do have a long way to go and am still working on many challenges in this lifestyle. I am sure the bus and I won't be meeting anytime soon, but when it happens to come near me in the future I will have to remember that I can do this  - I can overcome that obstacle and be triumphant!!! My son wants me to keep losing weight, I am enjoying how I feel and look. Just another challenge that came my way that I need to work on - but mentally first - and that is the most important aspect of this journey for me.

I am happy to say that I am back on track. Been using the new tracking system that Mer recommended and learning something new about it each day. Track - check it out - you might like it too. I think the one item I like about this new tracking system is that is shows you many aspects of what you are eating - Calories, Fat, Protein, Sugars, Carbs...etc. It shows if I go over, under and I am going to learn how I can make my meal selections all work for me. Thanks Mer for the tip - very helpful!!!!

I do have an Award to receive, post to come that will fully accept this honor.

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Anonymous said...

Ice cream........ so good and so bad. Moderation, mkay? Single items are great. I love the little tiny one serving cups. It's crazy to think that is a serving when I used to eat a heaping bowl (or two).

Michele said...

Boy, ice cream is my downfall, too. I can NOT keep it in the house. It is just too easy to dip into for a little...And yes, we are all learning that we have a lot to learn about this getting healthy thing. So, you are not alone. Been there, done that. Stay strong for the rest of the week!

Mer said...

We all scream for ICE CREAM! You are being so honest with yourself and the awareness of this will take you to the next level. I had a snack taken away from me since it was addictive and I had started with just one.... Thank goodness it got plucked out of my hot little hands. And my husband said,"portion control!" So happy for the support. I know Aman had that intent as well.:) He just wants his mama healthy. Have a great weekend!
Love ya! MER

Chubby McGee said...

Ice cream...a necessary evil. LOL! We've all had these moments. We'll probably continue to have them for the rest of our lives (especially if we plan on getting healthy so we can live longer). I think your best bet is to do, as you said, and purchase only single-serving items. That's brilliant. I think I may even swipe that idea up.

We currently have Klondike bars in the freezer. The super tiny, sugar free ones. What are they called? Slim-a-Bears or something. Miraculously, they've lasted five days in our house. Not sure what's going on. Usually, they're gone in two days. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Your son told the people that you stocked ice cream only for their visit? Meh. Who does not buy dessert for company? OK not me anymore, but still! LOL I am sure they could relate!

My sister buys these little ice cream singles for her kids every now and then. They get to pick them out. I thought it was nonsense a while back, but now I think it is a pretty good idea. They pick it out, it is theirs, there is only one for each of them and not a pack of creamy goodness staring at her in the face when she pulls open the freeze for the peas!

Mer and Mo said...

Hey Munch - nope, my son did not tell the neighbors that I only stocked Ice Cream for their visit - he told them that I ate all of it after their visit and only by the following Sunday, I think it was. Yep - bus...under...thrown and all - LOL - when Ice cream does come in the house from now on I will have it in very small, tiny, little bit amounts...have a great week!!!!