Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Bootcamp Ladies are Back!

This has been a low energy week for me. I have the first cold of the season I came down with it Tuesday night. I'll spare you the details since it was just gross! I hate being sick, but it happens to the best of us.  So I am lying low and trying really hard not to let this cold get me down.  It definitely has slowed me down and I have missed most of my workouts this week because of it.  It doesn't bother me like it use to because once I am well I know that my habits will bounce right back.  Let me tell you why...
The bootcamp ladies are back meeting three times a week!  Woo-hoo!!! We are doing it on our own. Let me tell you how because it will make you laugh! We meet at the neighborhood park tennis courts. There we can turn on the court lights so that we can see each other since it really dark at 5:45AM! Shelly brought her laptop and a DVD with a Power90 workout. We propped the laptop on the garbage can and we all started doing the workout together. A few tennis players came by to use the other court for a game. I was a little embarrassed that we were working out in front of this little screen, but when you want to workout and you have goals who cares what other people think! I could feel myself getting self- conscious, but kept going since we were already more than half way through our workout.  I was sweating like a pig! I was so happy to see my bootcamp ladies again. We plan to workout like this until the weather turns on us. I think last year we stayed outside until almost November.  Then, we will probably go our separate ways until Spring. Unless we can find a place (gym, studio or maybe get lucky and land us another bootcamp instructor) so we can workout together during the winter.  We are on a hunt for a place or person to do just that.  Wish us luck.
So what will you do to get your workout in?
Where there is a will.
There is a way. 
Just do it your way
no matter what others think!
Have a great weekend!
Always on the Move,


Chubby McGee said...

"... when you want to workout and you have goals who cares what other people think!"


Mer and Mo said...

So glad that you were able to get together with the other Boot Camp Ladies - funny how you made it work, trash can and all!!! Makes me smile that you are sticking to it, no matter what!!!

See ya on Saturday - not sure when, but you know how that Saturday with my son and seeing my BFF & her fam - can't wait!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOSH the dedication to fitness knows no bounds over here at blog Mer and Mo! I love you two girls!

Feel better Mer!

Mer and Mo said...

Oh how I wish I was apart of the Boot Camp Ladies - alas, hard to drive 2 hours to meet up with you...maybe one day. Missed you this weekend!!

Let's get this done - times a wasten.......