Thursday, September 1, 2011

MO Moment

MO is here - and I have plenty to write about (I am such a talker), but not in the mood to do so. I did just spend the last few minutes looking over some other blogs and very pleased to see so many doing well...ready for new September challenges...doing updates and such....but for me I am having a bit of a MO Moment. The loss of my friend is hitting me hard. The emotional roller coaster has been full steam and I really want to get off. Today is the beginning of 3 services...(yes, Catholics and the fact that for some reason they can't have the burial until Tuesday). BUT, I have struggled with many different things this week and one is the feeling that I have taken a huge step backwards in regards to my weight loss journey. (more on this later, I promise) Have I lost my MOtivation?

HOWEVER - I do want to share my success of today with you. The first service is tonight and the time to get dressed this morning was not making me feel confident. I was in fear of the worst. The decisions to wear a dress were not even in the front of my brain. I have not worn a dress in over 4, maybe even 5 years, no wait - think I wore one 3 years ago - oh, let's just say its been a long time. Was I going to attempt it today? Another successful Back of the Closet MOment was upon me. I pulled on some simple black slacks that I wanted to wear and found a nice top...nothing like the last outfit, but something nice....well, I was not happy. The struggle was about to begin - so I thought. This is where my dress up moment got GREAT. I actually had to go into the other room - that closet has the dresses - not very many, but just out of sight, out of mind was the rule - I guess. I pulled out one slick black dress...what is the size?? Can't tell. I pulled out another one...this is cute - will it fit? I tried on the black one - it was so upsetting - it didn't fit - not because it was too small, but it was TOO BIG!! In fact, this dress has buttons that go from top to bottom and the two buttons at the bottom of the dress were still undone from the last time I wore it - because it was too tight - not today - this dress was hanging off of me. The black was out - phew - I really wanted to have some color today. I then pulled on the little green number and it looks awesome. Today at work I have had tons of compliments on the outfit - do I have an interview - what about a date....sad to say none of those...but I am feeling confident.

This outfit is helping my mood (no pics at this moment - no time this morning to do so). More to come in the next several days - my August recap - dreams to follow - goals to set and achieve - regrouping and back 100% on the trail to a better, stronger, thinner me!!!!

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend to all of you in the US - Three days of relaxation for some. Me  - a comedy show with friends on Saturday (I need a good laugh), a trip to see some Air Balloons on Sunday and a full Monday off spent with my son!!!!

I promise, I am still Staying MOtivated MO


Munchberry said...

Hi Mo.

Green is actually a wonderful color for today. It is calming and signifies peace and balance. It alleviates depression. Much better than black.

A really good way to spend your weekend.

Mer said...

I have back to school night so I was having a moment dressing this morning too. We must have been on the same brainwave. But sounds like you got some great compliments! Good for you! Keep up the great work. Julianne would have wanted you to keep on smiling and keep on living high. Have a great weekend!!!! Enjoy yourself! You deserve it! TTYS!

Michele said...

Really sorry about your friend. That is tough.

Love the fact that you are into a new sleek green dress! What a great NSV!

E. Jane said...

So sorry about the loss of your friend. Loss is part of life, but it never gets easier. Congrats on your lovely green dress. Getting into something like that feels good and validates our efforts!