Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Successful Back of the Closet Moment!!

Have you ever had one of those days where you just don't know what you are going to wear? The day that you need to open up the closet, or pull open that drawer and find just the right pair of slacks, or the perfect button down shirt, pull out the iron and make it look all nice and such? Kind of like going out on a date with your loved one or a I-am-going-to-get-that-job-today interview kind of outfit. You know - the one outfit that you really take the time to put together? Today was such that kind of day for me, but it wasn't for a date. I was going to a funeral and I was bound and determined not to wear all black. A few years ago a good good friend of my Mom's - we called her Aunt - passed away and I was reminded that as much as a funeral is sad, that she wanted us to come in our reds, purples, pinks and blues to let her know that she was a color of sunshine! I decided that I was not going to go so dramatic with the color today and didn't want to go too fancy, but would find something suitable.

I pulled on my black pants and looked in the closet for a top that was not going to cause me to sweat too much and was going to fit in a good way. I was searching high and low, even had a moment where I was going to put on a dress, but no, I am not so sure I wanted to deal with the panty hose (my legs are very white - have to have those hose). I thought I had an outfit, but nope, it just looked too much like all black to me. I kept searching. I figured I am down a few sizes, why not search into the very back of that closet and see what I can find.  Oh, the pant suit with the blue - darn it, where are the pants to go with those - not here, where did they go - did I get rid of them? Keep looking....what about that black and white checkered kind of jacket pant suit outfit - no wait - you can't wear that - it has long sleeves - you are going to be hot hot hot - and look, there is no way you are going to fit into that anymore - two sizes too big - put it down. (AND don't forget to put it into the "give away" pile this weekend). Keep looking. What about this tan /brown top - it might work - but it is always so small in the bust - will it fit - does it look nice with the black pants? Search, Search, Search - not that, not this - oh, what to wear, what to wear??

Then - low and behold - there is a pair of brown pants. Hey, where did these come from and will they look nice with the tan top? Oh My Goodness - look at this - do these pants really still have the tags on them? What the heck? ........Have you ever been one that would go shopping, try on something new and totally convince yourself and say "I am losing weight, these pants are just about right, and look at the price, I am going to buy them and I will be able to wear them in less then a month." Yep - been there!!! ......The sad part is those pants must have been purchased more then 4 years ago, because well, I just have a funny feeling. Let's see - do they fit? YEP - Success!!! How about with the shirt? YEP - Success!!!! Now the shoes...oh, oh, oh - in the back of my closet are those brown heels. I could pull those off, right? Will they hurt?

The famous Imelda closet of shoes...just a few you know...
Just as a side note - I had to have styling shoes. This funeral I was attending was for the father of a good friend of my sisters. This friend has always had the best shoes. She has high heels, low heels, knockout shoes. Years ago I called her Imelda - for Imelda Marcos, the wife of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos - her extravagant spending and owning more then 2,700 pair of shoes    This friend would come home from those once a year weekend shopping trips and have several boxes of new shoes. I love giving her a hard time about it, but she loves her shoes. So, I had to have the right shoes - LOL

But, I am so getting off topic. Back to my outfit. It all worked. A new never been worn more then 4 years old pair of pants - walla!!! A stuffed in the back of the closet not worn in over (oh, let's not count the years) shirt - walla!! And a pair of heels (which by the way I have not worn in a very long time - my weight was always way too much for heels). Here is the product of my search:

More of a side view pic and this is minus the iron to the shirt, the my done up hair and the makeup
My sister said I looked great. Her friend said she barely recognized me. We had to walk a bit of ways from the chapel to the burial, but I didn't sweat, I was confident and the shoes didn't even hurt my feet after an hour of standing. I am so loving this losing weight system I got going on - woo hoo!!!!

What do you have in the back of your closet that you haven't put on in years?
You might be surprised what you find.

Staying MOtivated MO


Christina said...

VERY NICE!!! Congrats on fitting into that stuff! I've got a cute pair of jeans from 2006 that I can't wait to wear. I'm probably 15-20 pounds away from fitting. I recently fit into a cute bra that I haven't worn in years. :)

Mer and Mo said...

Hooray for you MO! Good idea to get rid of clothes that don't fit anymore. Doesn't it feel good to do it?
I just bought new pants that were all size 10! I don't have that size in my closet at all. It is time to change my closet over to the new size.
Thanks for the inspiration. Keep up the great work!!!

Michele said...

Now that was a great post about a great NSV! Wahoo for you, Mo!!!! Just think about all the bargains that you will find that will fit you now! Have a great weekend! michele

Alan (Pounds Off Playoff) said...

Mo, I LOVE these stories. I just found a shirt that fit better than six years ago, when I stopped wearing it. And I'm glad to know I'm not the only person with clothes in the closet with the original tags, awaiting the day they fit!