Tuesday, September 27, 2011


When you were little did you ever have a favorite blanket or even a dolly that gave you comfort? Maybe a stuffed animal? My son still has a good old fashion blanket. When I was little it was a stuffed seal - loved that thing and miss it to this day (I know, silly - but it was so cute and cuddly). Twinkle the White Seal by Douglas - 273Some of us come home from a long day of work and seek comfort with a great pair of comfy pants, fuzzy sleepers, a warm fire (especially when it is cold outside)...what is your comfort?

Comfort with food is a big issue for many of us. That creaminess of the Mac & Cheese, or the smooth chocolate taste of a nice scoop of ice cream. Or what about that nice cold glass of Coca-Cola.
A nice piece of cake?

I did that today. I went searching for comfort. Some comfort with food, that is. I was just going to run to my PO Box and head back to work. But, as I was making my trip back to the office I had a craving. I have been in a funk all day, and well, now I was out of the office - free to take a moment to myself. This knock knock knock popped into my head. I had already eaten most of my lunch - why don't you just go back to the office? Nope - that knocking was there and well, as I looked in my purse I found $20.00 - where did that come from. I thought I spent it? Would I be able to keep it in my wallet for long? Wait - there is another $2.00 in the bottom of my purse. Maybe if I just go to the drive-thru - they have something for less then $1.00. Taco Bell - a burrito? No - something crunchy maybe??! What was this comfort I was looking for??

For some reason I felt like I needed a "comfort" moment. Would I be able to shake this? What was I craving? Really - maybe a walk, but I don't have time for that. I heard my head saying "go back to the office" - but then there was this "you don't have to go back yet? Take a break - take a drive." Oh - just go down the street a bit. It will be OK. I thought about that Taco Bell a bit more. Then there was the deviled eggs at my favorite deli shop, or maybe save some money and get a treat at Starbucks with my gift cards? There was Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream - my favorite. No - the 99cent store might have something. So, my car drove me into that shopping center. I went in - I walked up and down the aisles. My mind was talking - An ice cream - nope - it will melt. A candy bar - no, don't really want chocolate. What about a bag of chips?? Some cookies? You can get some milk (chocolate milk, that is) to go with it. If I get the whole package will I eat it all? Will I share with the office when I get back? Up and down, down and up the aisles I went. I didn't want to spend more then the $2.00, but there was a reflex to purchase more and break that twenty. Then I realized- a coke - but what about ice - I really wanted ice.....do I have enough change in my purse to make it a little bit more then $2.00?? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Was I seeking comfort in food or was it something else? Just because you are in a funk does not mean you have to put something into your mouth, chew it and then hope to feel "comfort".....

I am happy to report that I left the store empty handed. My money is still in my wallet, safe and sound to pay a bill or purchase something that really needs to be purchased - not to be used for a want or a comfort. I am back at work, safe, sound and I hope that the rest of my day goes well. There are other ways to make us feel better and food is not the solution. Looking forward to my comfort with my sweats, a nice punching bag and a round of free weights to end my day - comfort in knowing that I am losing weight!!!

Triumphant for the moment - getting stronger mentally - which in turn will get me physically fit!!!

Staying MOtivated Mo

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Dawn said...

Wow ignoring the voice that tells you you really WANT something isn't easy...but definitely the best thing you could do was say NO and walk away. That's the attitude that's going to take you places.
Good for you