Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a Quiet Monday

Quiet Monday - not much to say (or write for that matter). I had a very productive and fun weekend. Friday night was a local Baseball game with the family. My son was given the opportunity to throw out one of the first pitches that night. He did an excellent job!!!! Right over the plate!!! I had most of my family with me, we had a good view of the game, it was Scout night and I saw tons of people I know - could not have asked for a better evening. And yes, I did enjoy a nice few bites of those Chili Cheese Fries with my son, but I did not have more then a few bites, and most times on the way home from an evening out I will munch when I get home - not this time. Overall a very successful, enjoyable evening. 

I am on track with my 28 days (14 + 14 = 28 for my number 14 August month). So far I have only taken one day off - Friday was just too busy, as well as waking up 60 minutes after my alarm went off. My sister and I have been walking in the afternoons. I am so glad, too. I was loving my morning walks with the neighbors, so having my little sis come over has been grand!!! We put in a long long walk on Saturday - almost 1.5 hours. Sunday I did yard work and I thought it was more then 2 hours, but it turned out to only be 1.5 hours - I think it felt longer because I decided to do it at 3 pm - the heat of the day...but I did get that front hedge trimmed, raked up the mess and did a full garbage can of trash. Tonight it might be the weeding and tackling the front rock area - if not, then a walk with Aman riding next to me - he is loving the walks because he gets to bike ride with me.

I did more cleaning of the mess of the spare bedroom - that Day Camp cleanup is never ending - The Elliptical just needs to be dusted off and I can get back to it. Have decided to keep it in the spare bedroom rather then move it by the TV - so going to have to find some good old fashion rockin music to keep me on it for a good workout. Can't wait to add that to my many other workout options!! Sometimes working out at home is much better then the gym - just make sure you use all that you have available to you!!

I did some balance ball crunches the other day. In the course of a varied 45 minutes workout I think I put in about 100 of those crunches. My middle hurt a bit for a few days, but that is no reason to not try it again - the pain is good for the soul and the body!!!!

Hope that you have a spectacular week!!! My goal by Sunday - giving away too big to even think about wearing again clothes pile.

Staying MOtivated MO

OH - and thanks to all that have been reading. We have hit over 5,000 views!!!!!!

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