Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Vacations Ends- A New Beginning

It is  a bittersweet week for me. My summer vacation officially ends and I report back to work on Wednesday morning.  I have had a heck of a busy summer. I took 11 semester units of course work. More than I have ever taken in 8 weeks! I was only required to do 6 units, but I have always been an over achiever. 
On top of that I have been spending time with my fast growing kids. I became a teacher so that I could spend my time with my kids during holidays and summers. This summer was no different. We went to Happy Hollow every week that I could manage a 2-3 hour window. We went to Great America 3 times so that I could hang out in the Wave Pool all afternoon with my 5 year old. We had pajama mornings where we watched TV and hung out together.  Just being a "stay at home summer mom" will be something that my kids will remember where my goal was to enjoy my children during their childhood. 
We ended our summer with a visit to Blue Oak Knoll Ranch owned my dear friends. My daughter spent a week on their 10 acre ranch horseback riding, running wild, feeding baby goats, and having hours of free time to read and write.  And she did it technology free.  It was awesome for her to do that.  We got to spend a few days with them as well and it was so easy to just relax and watch the meteor shower in the night. Magical to spend time up with good friends, big sky and open land.  Nothing feels quiet freer than that!
Now both my kids are starting new adventures at new schools. My 14 year old is starting High School! She is at a school nearby and she will be the new kid since all of her friends are going to other schools.  She is outgoing and friendly so I know she will adjust and make new friends in no time. My 5 year old is starting at the neighborhood school. I registered him today.  He is excited to be going to school with his friends across the street and I am too. I am hoping to meet some parents in the neighborhood.  This opens up two new communities that we will be involved with. 
I am renewing my goals to be healthy and strong. I got lax with my eating habits, but now it is time to get back on it.  I know what I have to do. The six fist-sized meals is what works for me.  A protein and a carb with two meals with servings of vegetables and fruit. I like that I get one free day to eat what I want. That is the day that I can have a glass of wine or beer and dessert. 
I have the exercise habit down and exercise about 4-5 days a week with or without my bootcamp.  My bootcamp instructor did decide to stop, but the bootcamp ladies have decided to keep meeting on our own.  The only thing that may stop us is the strange men that show up around the park. Last Friday while walking a man in a truck slowed down, stopped and got out of his truck while we walked by. We crossed the street and stayed in the neighborhood. He made us feel uncomfortable.  Then, Monday while I was gone a few other ladies showed up to workout together and a half naked man was running through the park.  Both incidences were reported to the police, but we are all concerned and are actively looking for an indoor place to workout so we can feel safe.  I will not let this stop me even if it means that I jump rope in my courtyard or run around my block. I will find a way to exercise. I have asked to buy a bike trainer so that I can get some more intense cardio in since the running is proving to be hard on my body.  I am going to do this no matter what even if it takes me another year to lose the 25 pounds I will not quit until I get there!
So the new school year starts with a lot of personal adventures and work I am sure will have a few of its own. It always does, but that is the beauty of working with children and teachers. You never know what the learning will be like until you work with them and get know what makes them tick.  All I can say is I am looking forward to it.
Bring it on!
Let me at it!
Head on into the new school year!
Welcome 2011-2012!
I am ready for you!
Always on the move- MER


Dawn said...

I totally agree, your kids will have the happiest of memories of summers as a family, and great you are able to be part of that. What a wonderful opportunity for your daughter to run free on the ranch without the technology...I would love to do that too!
The summer is coming to an end but the memories will last

Maria said...

Get some pepper stray for the strange men! The only thing else I can say is, YOU GO GIRL! Great attitude, you ARE going to lose those 25 lbs!

Mer and Mo said...

You always have the best and busiest summers!! Glad to hear that you got to spend a night on the ranch, too! Sending you good thoughts and good vibes for a great first day back to work. Here is to a great year and both of us hitting many more goals!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Christina said...

Wow, it sounds like big school years for both kids! One starting school, and one starting high school!

I'm sorry to hear about the weird things that have been happening when you exercise. It sounds like you're really committed to working out!

Michele said...

We need more teachers like you who are eager to start the school year with a spirit of adventure to find out about each kid. Good for you for choosing this field.

I think your summer sounds just grand being a stay at home summer mom. Now, get back on track!