Thursday, August 25, 2011

Follow your DREAMS!!!!!

Today's post is all about following your dreams!!! Not a weight loss dream, but one where you really have this vision, you strive to meet it and you finally get to fulfill it!!!!

Many years ago, at the age of 12, I had a dream - to be a babysitter. Yes, funny to have that dream, but summer money was going to be coming my way and I loved kids. My dream came true when my Mom told me that there was a lady just down the street with two wonderful little boys and that she needed me to help her out over the summer. That summer went on for years, with two more boys to add to the mix. Some of the best years of my life!!! I am even blessed that one of the boys is my God Son. The boys are fully grown now and doing really well with being husbands and following some of their own dreams.

Their mother, a very active and loving person, also followed her dreams some 21 months ago. She joined the Peace Corps and has been in Jordan doing great work and enjoying every moment of it. Her updates via email made you feel like you were there - seeing all the action, being at the many weddings she would attend and just knowing that she was a successful dream catcher!!!

Sad news came my way last night, that Julianne was very sick. The news I heard did not give me a full picture of her illness. Being the google fan that I am and wondering if the Peace Corps had an update and knowing contact with the boys would be limited at this point, somehow I found a blog that she started. Only one simple entry, but pictures to show that she had a fun time in Jordan and she did follow a life long dream!!! - this is so Julianne - pasta in the name - of course. She will soon be at peace and moving onto a world with God at her side, be with her husband again and life for the boys will change.

I am truly BLESSED to have known the most wonderful, inspiring, glowing and dream follower in Julianne!!!! May her family feel the warmth of her love for years!!! My heart is breaking, but pleased that I have known such a great person. Time for me to fully embrace my duties as a god-parent with my "first" son. Sending them loving prayers right now.

Dreams do come true!!! They really do. Keep reaching for the stars and someday you might just be like Julianne, 67 years old, active and get the chance to make your lifelong dream come true!!!

A very sad Staying MOtivated MO


Chubby McGee said...

Julianne is a wonderful woman. I always admire those who can go and give their entire being to better the world. I think that's what we're all meant to do, really.

Julianne and her boys are in my prayers. Hugs to you, too.

deanna said...

Thank you for sharing. It has been a long time sense I have had a "dream", but the last few days have pointed me in the direction of needing one to achieve. Your touching story is pushing me even more in that direction.

You, Julianne and her family are in my prayers today.

Mer and Mo said...

Many tears for a women who has lives her life to the fullest! I knew I liked her when she greeted my with a friendly hug and smile even the first time I met her and at all the milestones that mark your life: death, wedding, christenings...
Julianne is one of a kind and has taught us a valuable lesson by her example. She will not be forgotten and reminds us to - Follow your dreams no matter what they are.
My prayers are to you, your godson, Julianne and her family and friends.
Always here for you,

Miss April said...

Be inspired by the way she lived and comforted by the moments you shared.

Jo said...

You and I were both so fortunate to have known and loved the ladies we lost this past weekend. I hope the good in them lives on in us.

Munchberry said...

My nephew had the same sort of glioma. It is pretty wonderful that her last days in life were in service to others. Now THAT is a woman to look up to. Prayers for her children and the people that knew and loved her.