Wednesday, July 27, 2011

W - W - W - W - W

Wacky What's Up Wednesday -

Walked with the neighbor today. I am so enjoying these walks. We get to go around the neighborhood in the quiet of the morning only being barked at by a few dogs and not cars come into our way. I never thought I would be able to do (we don't have very many sidewalks). I am having some adult interaction that is outside of my work or volunteering duties, I am getting to know the ins & outs of the neighborhood (these ladies have lived in their houses for over 15 years - so they know all about everything in a good way), and well, this is giving me Workout buddies. I am going to miss those morning walks. Been doing it for the last 3 (or is it 4) weeks and I am loving it. We get in a good 45 minute walk, I am moving my arms and enjoying being out in the fresh air. Nope - going to have to put the brakes on. You see, my son goes back to school next week. Many things to take care of in the morning that will not allow me to leave the house with a sleeping child for 45 minutes. We might be able to do some weekend or evening walks, but those will be far and few in betweens, I am sure. That's ok - I am a very very early riser, so the 5 am wake up calls will be good for my workout - just going to miss the workout buddies.

Got to see another Oprah special about Weight loss the other night. Also saw the next episode of Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Makeover (ABC, Monday nights). I watched all of the ABC show, but didn't watch more then 10 minutes of Oprah. I walked in place for 45 minutes watching the one show and did a lot of thinking during both. If there are people out there that are doing 5K's, Half Marathons, losing more then 100 pounds, and just making themselves healthy overall, why can't I do the same thing? Sometimes the Fire In Me goes out and I have to get it started again. Not saying it has gone fully out, but that it is just a little bit of a fire and I need to get it burning at full steam again.

Way Word Snacking - keeping on track with that this week. On a 1 week challenge with Christina to not snack after dinner. Monday I had a plum, but didn't keep snacking after that. Last night I got to see my son, since he is still with his father this week, after running a few errands we didn't eat until about 8 pm - so for sure no snacking for me last night. 3 nights down - 4 more to go - I can do this and will continue to be successful!!!

Water Boy - or is it Water Man - well, it just looks like it is going to be a flirting-I-don't-really-have-time-to-date-kind-of-thing at the moment. We both have busy lives, we don't live in the same city and well, maybe it is just nice to have that flirting moment between a man and a woman (I do now know that he thinks I am cute). I am still enjoying his visits and look forward to dressing up on Tuesdays (and a lot of other days, too). His smile lights up my day, the talks have been a little longer then his regular 5 to 10 minute stay (even the office co-workers are noticing that he is staying longer). You just never know what might happen when you have a Water Delivery Guy come into your office - it could be magic!?!!

Final What's Up Moment - with the beginning of school means more food in the house, food that is not on my lifestyle plan. I am a bit scared about this. It has been a pretty good summer for me, but now it is back to school lunches, breakfasts and dinners that involve another person. My son will eat most of what I eat, but I feel that some items do come into the house that I am scared of. I do make some great healthly meals. Heck, even his lunches include a sandwich with lettuce, a fruit and a vegetable, but there are those things that he still enjoys that makes him feel like a kid (he is age 10, by the way) - chips, Yogurt (or do they call it gogurt), granola chewy bars. This last shopping trip I made sure I was Watching what I purchased for myself. I am going to Watch and be careful not to eat my sons food. Avoid the chips for his lunches, avoid the sandwich meat that he enjoys and even the cereal that is in the cupboard. I should just put up Dollar signs around the kitchen, because if I eat that stuff then it is coming out of my pocket to have to buy more. Make sure the groceries last as long as they should. The temptation will not control me!!!!

Looking for more Winning Weightloss moments in the Weeks to come!!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Maria said...

Sounds like you're doing an excellent job thinking of what's coming up for you and how to take care of any problems! Sure wish I could be better at that.

Christina said...

Haha, I love the Ws!!! Your neighbor walks sound great! Nice job with the snacking. What kinds of things do you snack on during the day? Things are going well here! I hope to hear more about the water guy soon. ;) Back to school is definitely a tough time. The tough times make us, so bring it on!

Dawn said...

I love reading about Water man ...i really do...its sooo exciting.
I too look at marathon runners with 100lb to do and admire them. Part of me wants to be one of them and RUN and part of me wants to start running at maintenance, partly for extra exercise and partly because I fear risking an injury that would set back weight loss.
At the moment I'm waiting

Mer and Mo said...

@Christina - I snack on fruit and vegies during the day - nothing majorly bad - I even have a candy jar at my desk, but it is very rare (months) that I actually partake in the sweetness.
Thanks all for the encouragment and the comments!!