Friday, July 29, 2011

Scale Game

Are you an everyday kind of scale person? Do you do it once a week? How about once a month? Are you one that wants to throw the scale out the window when that number is not flashing what you want it to be? What about the days of geat success?!

That poor scale. A little, big or complicated piece of equipment. It is like a game - we want to roll the dice, hope for the lucky 7 and it will give us a great money windfall (or should I say weightloss windfall). We want to kiss the scale on the good days, kick it on the bad days, put it far away in the darkness of a closet when it just did not do what we wanted it to or wrap it up in a fancy bow to show everyone our triumphs. Poor scale. So sad one day, happy the next. It just can't ever win.

You just can't blame it on that little old scale. I mean, really, what did he or she do to you? The question is this - what did you do to make the scale make you happy? What did you not do to make the scale make you sad?

I am an everyday scale kind of gal. I have always been. Especially if there is a scale in the house. My helpful tip is this - don't let that number control you, but don't let the number fool you. If you did really well the day before, don't get overly excited that the scale was down 2 pounds, because the next day it might be up those 2 pounds - (ok - for those of you that hate the pounds, I will use Ounces - LOL). If you had a really rough day, don't let the fact that the scale went up 5 ounces deter you from doing better on a new day.

I do my very best to not let the scale win at this game. I don't kick and scream (that much) when I don't see the number I want to see. I don't jump up and down for joy! I do, however, give myself a pad on the back for doing so well and that I have to keep going with my weightloss (no matter what the number is). I think I get on the scale everyday to make sure I am staying on track. I had been maintaining a number for over 5 years that was not the best number. It was not a number I am proud of and I knew all the things I was doing wrong, but never put my mind, body and soul into making the change. I was ok with that number on the scale, as long as it continued to stay where it was. Then one day in December 2010 I saw that number climb up and up and up. Blame it on the holiday cookies, the sweets, the treats - nope - can't blame it on them, have to blame it on me for eating them. It was time to roll the dice and start seeing the numbers on the scale go down.

Scale Clip Art

I will admit, I am playing the scale game, but not with a little electronic device. I am playing the scale game with myself. Doing the exercising, drinking the water, avoiding the bad foods, the fast food and the sugary foods. I am the one that is going to win at this game - not the scale!!!!

When you win you are giving the scale comfort, you are making yourself healthy and you are then celebrating many NSV's (non-scale victories)!!! Getting new clothes, receiving compliments, being able to move more, do more and enjoying life more!!! That smile on your face is a Win Win!!!! Keep going!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Christina said...

I read a study while back that found that daily weighers tend to be more successful losers. Seeing the impact of your daily decisions is great, and so is learning not to be surprised when the scale jumps up a pound or two. I, too, am a daily weigher. I can weigh myself three times in a row (but I don't because I know how consistent my scale is) and get the same number, but I know that my weight fluctuates a few pounds from day to day. If I only weighed weekly and didn't know that, I would be very frustrated sometimes. For many people (not me anymore!) that frustration can lead to laziness and bingeing. Daily weighing is nice.

Jo said...

If I only weighed weekly (and I have tried this) I would sometimes be crushed by gaining a couple of pounds. Since I weigh daily now, I realize it's just my body doing it's fluid thing. If I lose a little, great. It's only one of the gauges, along with the measuring tape, the waistband, the bra, ...

Carla said...

I weigh everyday and I have learned something. My weight fluctuates a lot. For no reason that I can put my finger on. So, it has to be because of being a woman...hormones, PMS, menopause. As long as I am still losing overall, I don't worry about it anymore. And this makes me very happy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend Mo.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Damn! My long comment got deleted. Hate that!!!!!

Mer and Mo said...

@Karen - I know it was a good post coming from you - sorry we missed it - sometimes blogger can be very cruel.

Have a GREAT week everyone!!!!1


Mer and Mo said...

If I lived on Venus I would weigh 153 pounds instead of 169. I have started weighing myself daily so that I stay on track. I should write that number down to see if there is pattern, but I am much to lazy to do that. It is just a mental reminder to eat healthy and drink lots of water. And it works!!!
Now, if I was on the moon I would only weigh 28 pounds! I have not been that weight since I was a kid! LOL! The scale game is more interesting on another planet, but your scale game is just out of this world, Mo. Keep up the great work! Love ya! MER