Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finals Week

It is finals week for me. I wish I did not have to take finals, but it is what I have to do right now. Finals make me feel stressed so I have to be aware this week of my stress eating. I am not good at memorizing facts and events, but I do it anyways. I have to chew on the information. I literally chew on something while having an anxiety attack since it appears to calm the nerves, but really all it does is add unnecessary calories that I really don't need.  So my game plan is to have some sugar free gum to chew on and lots of water to drink so it fills my tummy. I need to take some extra walks and lock myself in my bedroom so that I can concentrate. I know I can do this. All I need to do is pass this class. I can do this. I can do this. 
I have also started being more aware of my food intake again. I go through these kinds of cycles. This one was because of the 5 pound gain over my vacation last week. A little too much enjoying all the foods that I love so much.  I had a great time getting a little more sleep, watching an adult movie ( It was the King's Speech not what you were thinking. LOL!) and time with my husband. Being with my foodie husband also means that we looked for the best hole in the wall BBQ in Gold Country and went wine tasting without little ones on our heels. I even got to hang out in a soaking tub. It was just what I needed since I had ran that 5K Mo and then, did Pilates the next day! I was so sore on Monday and Tuesday so the hot water was heavenly and just what my tired muscles needed.   
Time for bed!
If I can do this, you can too!
Have a great week!
Stay Strong!
Always on the Move- MER

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Mer and Mo said...

Hang in there, Mer! I know that this week is going to be long, tough, but still filled with so much. Sending you good thoughts of good eating, an awesome grade on your final and giving you strength!!!