Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On the Move - again.......

We camped this weekend!!! Swimming in the river, hiking in a local State Park, walks into town for coffee and ice and how many times did we go into Safeway?? WAY too much food - WAY too much!!! I realized that I kept eating and eating and eating. I should have read the book that I brought, but for some reason I kept getting the munchies or was sitting at the picnic table to socialize and there was always food on the table. I thought all the walking, swimming and hiking would do me some good - but this morning I got on the scale and I won't even say what number was flashing. It was awful.

The good part - I am on the go again in less then 24 hours. We are off to Scout Camp. I hear the food is semi-good and well, we won't be near the mess hall on a regular basis. We will be hiking, swimming, walking and I totally plan on drinking tons of water. The heat has been in the 00's and I know that I am not getting as much as I need to keep my hydrated. I can feel my skin dry and my lips are chapped like you won't believe. I know for certain that I am not drinking enough water. I am contemplating going out and getting a hydration backpack, but we already purchased one, so not so sure I want to get another one. I will just need to bring a very handy water bottle and keep re-filling it. I am already on my 2nd 16 Oz glass this morning. I am actually very excited about this trip. Exhausting as it might be, it will be a good teaching, learning and growing experience not only for me, but for my son. I am also sure I will have a much more successful scale number when I return from this camping trip.

Another fine and wonderful Mer & Mo Moment!!! We both had some WONDERFUL SPECIAL QUALITY TIME TOGETHER this weekend. We did "laps" in the river, did the walk into town twice and well, it was great to stay up with her late on Sunday sitting talking and enjoying the fire. I wish that I had my camera handy to post a picture - maybe tonight. She looks GREAT!!! In fact, MER looks GOOD!!! I am proud of her for making this change and doing it with me. We are doing a 5K in a few weeks - for sure we both won't do a whole lot of running, but Mer has never done a 5K and I am excited to share this experience with her. I have done a few, but always at a slow pace. This time - more jogging, less talking - LOL - this will be another great motivator for the month of July.

Have a spectacular week. Take care of you - do something that you will enjoy - even if it is just a 30 minute read or a walk in the park or whatever fits your fancy!!!

Staying MOtivated MO


Carla said...

Glad to hear Mer is doing great. Hope you have a fun time! Sounds like a lot of fun. I enjoy camping too.

Mer and Mo said...

What an awesome weekend was had by all! I did not want it to end. So glad that I have a excellent friend to share our-so-called-camping experience with! :)
Have a wonderful time at Scout camp!
See you in a few weeks at the 5k!
Keep on walking!
Love ya!
On the move Mer