Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learning Something New

To piggy-back on to Mo's ups and downs here is what I wrote last night not knowing what Mo was going to write about. I feel like we are still connect to the hip like our first semester in college. Just through this blog now!
So much effort is going into learning some new science content this summer.  It takes a lot of time to do homework, read my textbook and listen to lectures.  The new information is not coming so easily. It is taking me time to process.  It is taking me time to get it in my brain and get it to deep understanding so I can quickly recall it for teaching and testing purposes.
I was thinking about the new exercise and eating habits that I have been trying to learn over the past year.  It has taken me time to learn how to eat emotionally free and eat for just hunger sake; to nourish my body rather than stuff it with foods to drown my stress. It has taken a lot of effort to exercise, take my multivitamins and get enough rest.  It has taken me a long time to learn these new habits.
Knowing that I have time on my side and lots of it for these changes are permanent. These lifestyle changes are for good.  No matter how long, no matter the trials or challenges. I am committed to making these healthy lifestyle changes stick!
Always on the move- MER

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I'm Jackie... said...

Always on the move - and learning lots, aren't you? Keep your focus and keep moving toward your dreams...I wish you nothing but the best. Jackie