Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's a Number Thing

Speed Dating Friday. My very first time. Here is the rundown of the night, going by the numbers:

15 - Number of woman at the event. All varieties - some dressed like they were going to a night time wedding or out on the town, some coming right from work, some just ready for a nice evening of dinner and drinks.

13 - Number of men at the event. Two men did not show. That can happen. It gave some of us time to take a bathroom break or get another drink. The men - some tall, some short, some with long hair, some without, rough hands, smooth hands, good looking, not my type looks wise, great and not so great conversationalists, some that loved to dance, others that wanted to travel, one with two homes, one that has a home in New Mexico, what about the guy that told me about his near death car accident this week (yep, you knew he wasn't interested in me if he was telling me about his drama of the week) or the guy that went to go get a drink during our "date" - so much for that "connection", the guy that likes major league baseball, the one that likes to workout, the one that had three buttons undone on his shirt, the other one that kept forgetting his drink from table to table, the three guys that I could not pronounce their names correctly, the guy that sort of looked like Magnum P.I. - mustache was too cheesy. I will give most of them applause because only 4 came as "buddies", while the rest came solo - good for them, because almost every lady came with a friend, for sure!!

43 - my age

38 - my girlfriends age

24 - the youngest gentleman that I met. Of the men I had time to ask their age there were two 27's, a 25 year old, a 26 year old and a 32 year old.

50 - the oldest gentleman that I met. Hey, wait - I thought the age limit was 25 to 44...cute is a plus!

3 Minutes - we were supposed to have a 6 minute "date", but we started late and then there was the issue of making sure the room was ready right at 8:30 pm for the next event (DJ Music). However, I have a huge complaint about this. If there were 15 woman to meet, at 6 minutes each that would be 1.5 hours. We started about 10 minutes late, at 6:40 - still would have had plenty of time to have 6 minute dates, but nope - it was 3 minutes - not enough time.

10 Minutes- the time it took for almost everyone to clear out the room at the end of the event. I wish that some would have stayed to even get another few more minutes to talk, but only about 4 people, not including myself and my friend, stayed to even chit chat at the end of the evening.

4 - the number of men I requested a "let's talk" option with the hopes to be matched up with them.

Zero - the number of "matches" I received. Zip, Nada...which means that no guy circled their "let's talk" after meeting me. Oh, well, that is fine. Could be that I live 45 minutes away? The good part is that I get to go to another one of these for Free, because there was not a match and they guarantee you a match each time. Um - nope - It was fun, but at this point after all the dust has settled I don't believe I will do it again.

More Speed Dating by the numbers.........

18 - the size of my pants (3 sizes down since January)

16 - the size of my tank top shirt - (4 sizes down since January)

1X - the size of my cover up jacket - (2 x's down since January)

Can you notice - my red tank is on backwards -
Good thing my friend caught it just before we made it into the venue. 

This is before I had a chance to finish my hair!!

Here is how the rest of the evening played out. Personally I was there as support for my friend, but at the same time I wanted to have a chance to meet a guy, too. I never really had time to be nervous, because I played the Chauffeur - which was not supposed to happen. My friend had 2 hours to get ready, I had 45 minutes. While I was getting ready I played the Butler to my friend by taking 3 text messages, a phone call from her, answering the door 15 minutes before she was to be there and then turn on the computer/printer so she could print out the confirmation sheet she should have done days before, locate a lint brush, and grab some lotion for her. As we were leaving the venue I turned into a Concierge because she was starving, she only had $20.00 cash and no ATM card, but if I could locate a good pizza by the slice place then that would be fun. (thanks to my older sister for helping me out - that one slice of pizza hit the spot!!)

There was a moment during the evening that I did feel like the Fat Friend (there is that 3 letter word...said I would not use it again, but it can appear at any moment). Yes, I did feel that way. Remember, my friend is a size 8 and she wore a knock out, skin tight black classy dress. It is hard, but I am going to work harder to get to the size I want to be and keep dropping the pounds so that I will never feel that way again while being out with my girlfriends. It is hard to be the one to the side that is not getting the attention - cute, ugly, skinny or big...being big throws me for a curve every time when it comes to looking for a "boy". Ok - not nice to write all of this about how things went with my friend, but I had to share with you so that you would understand how my full Friday evening went. 

On a more positive note - I HAD A GREAT TIME. I didn't get picked by anyone, but that is not the end of the world. I got out there, I met some great strangers in a comfortable setting, which gave me the confidence to keep looking for a guy for this single gal.

A new week - a new challenge with blogging buddy Christina to avoid the evening snacking as I had gotten back into a very bad habit I thought I had broken, more walking with the neighbors, back to the punching bag of fun a few times and I for sure am going to add an extra 20 minutes in the evening to my work out goals this week.

Staying MOtivated MO


Chubby McGee said...

Well, you looked great. Regardless of the evening. For some reason, I pictured speed dating to be more...I dunno...romantic? I'm really sorry it didn't really turn out that way for you. At least we know it's not really all that great and you don't ever have to do it again if you don't want to. I'm proud you remained positive and looked amazing. That's a plus.

Now...I'm going to say it...but...this friend of yours...the one you went to support...doesn't sound like that great of a friend. She sounds extremely self-centered. I love how you really did come through for her, but...honestly? had to be her chauffer and concierge? Yea...not very fair. And I'm also tacking this onto her behavior about the shopping situation. You might want to start re-evaluating some of your friendships along this journey. You should NEVER be made to feel less important by a friend. I feel that she did that to you on "date night." I feel like she forgot that you were there for two reasons yourself. Don't let her get away with that. Come on, Mo. You deserve better friends who make you feel like the amazing gal you are and who give you the support YOU need. ;)

Jo said...

You looked great and you had fun. That is enough, and now you know what to expect the next time around. Go for it!

Christina said...

I must agree with Chubby McGee about rethinking your friendship with this person. From the way you described the night, I get the feeling you don't think it's a healthy relationship either.

I'm glad you had fun even though things didn't pan out date-wise. :) You look fantastic! That's interesting so many people came with a friend. I wouldn't be able to go alone, so I can understand that!

We are going to kick butt!!!

Mer and Mo said...

I was appalled by how your friend treated you! So irritating and annoying. But I am so glad you saw the good in the situation and enjoyed yourself! You so deserved to have a good time! You are so brave to go. I don't think I would have ever gone even with you! LOL!
Looking forward to the next Mo Adventures!
Love ya!
Always on the move- MER

Anonymous said...

You must have a great confidence that I am lacking. That is awesome that you went and you looked great!