Friday, July 22, 2011

6 Minutes with Who??

Speed Dating Night!! Excited, Nervous and all those things in between. A round and round you go, where you stop nobody knows. 6 Minutes to meet a guy, have a fun chit chat and you never know - a date! Meeting someone across the table has got to be better then trying to "meet" them behind a computer screen.


The shopping trip was successful, but not all at the same time. I was successful in finding an outfit, but was not successful in doing this trip with my friend. Not sure why, but when she found out I was already at the store and browsing the aisles without her she got very upset and well, she never came out to meet me. Won't go into details, because it is not necessary. It is What it Is......the outfit has been ironed and it is waiting patiently for me to change into it when I arrive home after work to get beautified. If the evening is a flop, there is dancing offered at the venue afterwards or we can hit up a favorite club of mine and dance the night away.

I do have to share with you about my outfit. I didn't take a picture this morning, but will for sure do another post with my first Speed Dating experience and will do a pic then - (hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, I am sure you will have a good laugh or two with me). My outfit, well, I did get a good pair of black slacks. Score that they were only $20.00. Win Win for me. Then as I was shopping with my sister (don't ask how she ended up with me, but you might be able to figure it out), she sees this jacket, cover up thing. I tell her that I already own it and she was head over heals that I did. We found a top that was close to the one that I had also purchased to go with the jacket. I had on the shoes I wanted to wear for tonight and presto chango I now had a new outfit. My sister agreed that is was perfect for me. But, wait - there is more good news, other then not having to pay a whole lot for a new outfit. The jacket they had at the store was a 2X. We tried to find a 1X to see what it would look like, because this one was just a bit too big. I thought that I had the 2X at home. Then the shirt - well, thought that I had purchased a 18/20. As I was trying on the outfit this morning for a pre-fit run I was so excited. The shirt - it is a 14/16 and it looks good. It actually falls really well from top to bottom and is not tight. Wow - how and when did that happen? Then the jacket - IT IS a 1X!!! Score, Score, Score. I feel good, look good and even if I don't find a date in my little 6 minutes of round table fun tonight then I have found the pot at the end of the rainbow this week with my outfit!!!

Walking has been my friend this week. Eating has not. I will be honest. Laziness has set in. Have not wanted to go grocery shopping and just eating what is left in the refrigerator. I was successful in going through the pre-cooked chicken I had frozen and ready to eat. And eating up all the veggies and there is barely any bread in the house, but the meals have not been consistent. Just a bite here, a bite there...and I will also admit that I have had a lapse and doing some late night snacking. Not beading myself up, but know that I have to get back on the 100% track with my progress or my progress will just stay at a dead "weight" or go up. NO - NO - not that!!

Looking forward to me weekend. 6 Minutes of fun tonight, time with a friend tomorrow with the hopes of a hike, then a Sunday to do home stuff!! Wishing you all a wonderful, safe and COOL weekend - as I know that many are suffering with the heat!

Staying MOtivated MO


Christina said...

Speed dating?!?! Oh, my gosh!!! That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear how much fun you have. What an adventure! I bet you look great in your outfit. Have fun!

I've been doing well with exercise but not eating, too. We can do this!! Self-challenges work really well for me. Can you commit to giving up night-snacking for a week?

Chubby McGee said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! And I am unbelievably happy that you found an outfit you're comfy in AND that it's smaller than what you used to purchase (AND that you paid less for it). I hope your luck continues into your speed dating evening.

HAVE FUN! Knock 'em dead. *hugs*

Michele said...

Kudos on the smaller sizes! Hope that speed date was fabulous!