Thursday, July 21, 2011

20 Years Younger

I happened across Oprah last night. I know, she is not really on TV anymore - 25 years down and she is gone, gone, gone - ok, she really isn't gone....the TV is still playing her shows until the new Fall Lineup comes into play. So, as I was heading to bed last night (I have a TV in my room - so bad, so very bad), the channel surfing was in full effect. Wait - what is this - Bob Greene - Oprah's long time fitness guy. I have the very first book that they wrote together somewhere in my house. I loved it, but never put it into full action.

He now has this 20 Years Younger Diet. Well, it was interesting to hear that they didn't call it a diet, they called it a lifestyle - way of life.

Here were the four points:
  • A Rejuvenating Sleep Program
  • Promoting Diet (healthy eating)
  • Exercise
  • Wrinkle Fighting Skin Program
I have more research to do on this, as my eyes were not going to allow me to watch the whole program - and wanted to put my new sleep program into effect (LOL). I am going to do my research. Maybe this will be something good for me. I look young, or so I have been told by many, and to look another 20 years younger would be a plus for me. I know that exercising is important, I have been learning how important my sleep is to me, I for sure have not been doing well with keeping my face clean at night or doing my skin care regiment and well, eating better has been doing wonders for me. What would it hurt to read more about this new - or is it really new - concept that one of my favorite writers, exercise enthusiast is talking about? I will look at his website, might buy the book, but love love love Bob Greene and am going to see what this is really all about. Here is the link:

Then it got me to thinking - so many options, which one is right for you? Do you read, do you try, do you jump from one lifestyle to the other, when you get bored do you try to change it up? Here is my thought on this - I don't think you should change anything  until you have given yourself plenty of time to try out what plan you really want to do. Yes, I do agree that you need to do some research. Feel out the plan, think about it, make it work for you. I do not agree that after 21 days you just give up, or even a few days.

The other thing that was mentioned on this show was this - and I TOTALLY believe this. YOU HAVE TO BE READY FOR THIS CHANGE!!!! When you are ready to make a lifestyle change you have to be mentally ready for it. Ready for the ups, downs and all the in between. Ready to make a change for the better. Be it work, play, school, your future, your dreams !!! My dream is to be a smaller size and even if I at times want it to happen yesterday I am ready for it to happen. I am exploding with anticipation for the next good looking outfit, the next compliment, the next time I go for a walk and go further then before, or the next time I take a hike with a friend and am not winded after the first few steps, or the next time I get up from the floor and do not have a difficult time. Which makes me smile because a few weeks back a friend of mine came over for a visit. She has been working really hard to lose weight. She was ready. She has been working hard, even going to the gym (which she hates), but she is doing it for her. She was so excited to show me that she could sit down on the floor, cross her legs just like she was in school again doing the Indian Style crossing and watch me, watch me - I can now get up without having to use my hands or with much effort. She was smiling ear to ear with her excitement. She was ready for the change. She is embracing the change. That is what I want for me and that is what I am getting.


Staying MOtivated MO


Dawn said...

I'd like to try sitting like that but don't have confidence to think I might now get stuck.
I'd love to turn back time 20 years, what a lovely idea

Jo said...

One of the easiest things you can do for yourself is clean your face before bed. Start it tonight and keep it up. No excuses. It's an investment in your future. ;-)

I saw part of that Oprah show yesterday but was with friends at a restaurant and couldn't really listen. It sounded interesting.

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I used to record Oprah's show every day and I still have about 10 or 15 episodes I have not yet watched. This is one of them. I keep thinking I'll want to sit with a notepad so I can post about it. So I didn't read this post yet so I wouldn't know about the show before I watch:)

Mer and Mo said...

@Dawn - you won't get stuck. I am hoping to try Indian Style by Christmas - LOL

@Jo - I do wash my face, but the plan talks about doing a better job of it. Working on that
every night. It is a HUGE investment, more so then my coin jar :)

@Karen - You for sure do need a notepad when you watch this Oprah episode. Very infomative and I enjoyed seeing the tranformation of all the ladies that were on the plan. Wish I had hit record on this one.

Have a GREAT weekend Ladies!!!!! MO