Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Switch and a Pic....

As I was getting online tonight I see that there is an MSN article about how there is a "Master Switch" for obesity....can we shut it off, would that be possible? Yes, it is fairly new study and with all this and that and that and this studies out there, it is amazing how they are researching your Obesity "switch" when really, I do believe it is your own switch. It is up to you to make the switch - click off the cravings, turn on that switch to get up and exercise, what about the switch that tells you that you shouldn't go for that second helping?? Short article - and thought I would post it for fun....

On another note, I have been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing at home. In the midst of this, I took the time to review my Picture file in my computer. I was searching for a picture to post of myself, but the funny thing is that when you are the one that is taking the pictures, well, you are never in them. And then I had a good chuckle when I would find a picture of me and most of the time I am "hiding" behind someone, or to the side of someone - always "hiding" the true me. There were a few pictures of me from March 2010, but they are when my son is sitting and I am standing, not very attractive either - especially in my scout uniform...oh, heavens. not the uniform....

I then came across a picture of myself at work one day. Now, you see, this is not where I actually work, or what I actually do, but it is what my company does - excavating the dirt out of one area and into the next, or in better words - moving the dirt so they can build. This one particular day was a visit to a mining establishment and having worked at this particular company for over 4 years, this was my first opportunity to see how the big machines work.

My job, well, I am a estimating secretary - more of a paper pusher then really a secretary, but I do so well at making sure the papers are not pushed into the trash. I love my job, wishing it was more of a challenge, but that is for another day's post. No hard hat or vest for me, oh no way - my working attire is a pair of jeans, white tennis shoes and a casual, sometimes a bit more dressed up casual then anything kind of top....but I thought this would be a fun way to introduce a picture of me to you....

I don't know, but the big tires behind me make me look "little" - does it make me look skinny, too??

This picture was taken in August 2010. By December 2010 not much had changed, except for maybe another 5 - 7 pounds heavier. I think I should try on my work vest and wonder how it will fit now?

So - there you have it - me at one of my finest hours. I never did make it up the steps to the drivers seat of this big machine, too self concious that my big size would not be able to make it up the steps and then to have to get down. More embarrassed then anything, but the best part is this - I AM DOING something about changing that and I am so glad that I am !!!! No turning back!! Another week is beginning...more gym time...another pound down or maybe even two...only time will tell.

Staying MOtivated MO


Chubby McGee said...

You're cute! ;)

Keep goin', girl! I know there's no stopping you!!!!

Mer and Mo said...

What an interesting study...hmmm..."master switch" idea. My father had type 2 diabetes, but he was never in his life obese that might have helped him, but I think some are obese because of emotional eating issues, nutrition and portion control. A "master switch" may stop the cravings, but the nutrition and emotional piece are still there and need to be dealt with.
Love the picture! Can't wait to see the next picture that shows the "switch" to a smaller Mo!